Thursday, 21 January 2016

Tiny Jewels

For traditions sake here is what Celestine got for Christmas:

From left to right: ★ Some absolutely beautiful and tiny glass perfume bottles that have real stoppers so you can put real perfume in them! ★ a copy of my Butler and Wilson tiara and necklace made in miniature by Nalladris ★ A purple dragon to add to her collection. She likes dragons! ★ A teeny tiny tortiose ★ a pink bucket and spade set for when she wants to coordinate on the beach ★ two books, two crowns, a jar of beads and flowers for her jewellery making, a gold cake stand, a scooter and an easel.

The cake stand, scooter and easel were from Henry and were wrapped up in gold paper and appeared in the castle on Christmas morning.

I didn't really take any photos of Celestine this Christmas. I had loads of work to do all the way up until the week before Christmas and then I just sort of took a bit of a break. I intended to take photos and things but just... didn't! Instead I ended up having an extremely relaxing time haha.

This is about the only shot of Celestine I took and it's not even a good one! But I shall put it here anyway so I have a record of Christmas morning. On the left side you can see the gold presents standing in the castle.

I think the tiny tiara and necklace set made by Nalladris is amazing, I only wish I could get a better photograph of it for you. It's extremely sparkly.

Here you can see my real-size necklace and tiara (which I never wear anymore but really should) next to the miniature one.

Can you tell which one is miniature? Well, you probably can (it's the left one!) but I still think it's an amazing copy! Nalladris is the most talented for miniature jewellery needs!

Link to the shop HERE.

In other news: I have a new Instagram account. For some reason Instagram deactivated my old one (grr) so I have had to start afresh. It's very annoying but never mind. UPDATE: My account got reactivated again so all is ok!

Link to my account HERE.

Other notable things that have happened lately: I got a spiralizer and I am LOVING it! Courgetti every day! Or twice a day sometimes. I made some chocolate goji berry bars which were delicious, I've been writing, giving a bit more attention to Victoria Stitch, I got a smart camera (!!! it's amazing) we made cauliflower crust pizza which was also delicious (it's all about the food this month) watched the Hobbit.... and I can't think of anything else.

I'll end with a picture of the beautiful hills in the snow the other day.

Hope you'e having a lovely January!

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miniacollection said...

The perfume bottles and jewellery are stunning!