Saturday, 13 August 2016


'Tis the season of holidays! We spent last week in Cornwall with our friends and had a great time. I wasn't going to bother doing a blog post about it as I didn't take a lot of photos of miniature scenes (which is what I usually do on holiday!) but then I realised I had quite a lot of nice photos of the holiday which I thought were worth posting. Even if they are not of creative miniature scenes! And even if they were only taken on my smart camera (I am getting so lazy about taking my big camera out whoops!)

We went to one of my very favourite holiday destinations in Cornwall - Crantock! I have been going there since I was a child. We had to go in peak season because Henry is a teacher and can only get school holidays off so it was quite busy but still lovely. We had great weather. Mostly sunny but also with wind so it wasn't too hot. 

On the Monday we were there we visited the Lost Gardens of Heligan which was very pretty. I must admit I have not seen a lot of Cornwall apart from the area around Crantock so it was nice to go somewhere new. I actually got a photo of Henry and I together which I like!

This is the only picture I took of Topaz on the holiday. She is eating a Cornish pasty on the balcony railing of our holiday house. She had a great time in Cornwall, even if I didn't document it with photographs! The truth is, I am pregnant and just didn't have the energy to plan intricate miniature scenes and make lots of props like I usually do when I go away. It was also why I didn't go surfing/bodyboarding at all this year which is something I missed! I usually LOVE bodyboarding in Cornwall and the surf was really good this year but I didn't think it would be sensible to do while pregnant.

Still, we filled our time with lots of other fun activities, eating being one of the main ones haha. We had Cornish pasties and cream teas and fish and chips. We also went out for a really nice meal one lunch time and I had the most delicious dessert in the history of the world. It's like it was catered exactly to my tastebuds. Dark chocolate pot with raspberry ganache and butterscotch and pecan ice cream. It was so, so good. I want to try re creating it sometime at home. 

I really do love Cornwall and I feel like I've had a very good fill of holidays (and driving!) for the summer now after having been to both Orkney and Cornwall. Two different ends of the UK. Henry really wanted to drive down to Lands End so that we could say we went to John O Groats and Lands End both in the same summer but we didn't end up doing that. We visited St Ives one day and the traffic was so bad, what with it being peak season, that we decided to not drive anywhere else after that. We just stayed round the beaches near our holiday house. 

And they are beautiful beaches! Sometime I think that Cornwall is like a different country.

I would love to have that on my doorstep!

So that was our holiday in Cornwall. The best of the photos I took anyway. I look forward to going back there again sometime!

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Helen Benson said...

Been reading your blog for a while now Harriet but never been brave enough to post before now.I just want to say congratulations on being pregnant!!! Such wonderful news.I hope your little one will be as creative as you & as adventurous as you & Henry are.I can imagine the fun you will have doing crafts over the years Lol....wonderful.Loved your wedding pics too & you looked so beautiful & VERY happy with your handsome husband.I am in my fifties now & a shape rather like my Cumbrian counterpart Mrs Tiggywinkle so could never get away with wearing the stylish outfits you do.If I were younger though I'd have been snazzling your wedding style & creative touches Lol.You are a brilliant illustrator & I am so pleased that I somehow stumbled across your blog.I am always impatient for the next post you make here & being a bling, pink, colour loving, tiara adoring lady I am a BIG fan of Celestine & her castle too & now Topaz of course.You are going to go far in your career & I hope one day I shall get to become a grandmother & fingers crossed have a little girl I could introduce to your books & read with her.
Take it easy Harriet as it can be so exhausting in the early stages of pregnancy.Keep on creating the wonderful artwork & stories though please so I can keep enjoying them.Have you thought of selling prints of some of your artwork at all?I love the earlier pic of Victoria Stitch surrounded by the make up etc so much.

Thankyou for sharing your gift with us all & I am sure inspiring many as you go along.Best wishes to you & Henry & your future Baby MoonStitch.....going to be a wonderful adventure waiting for you all ;) <3 <3 xxx

Victoria Stitch said...

Thank you so much for your lovely comment Helen Benson! Really made my day to read it! :) I love how you refer to the baby as Baby MoonStitch!! I have dabbled with selling prints in the past but I never really got the hang of it (how to print them properly etc) and I never seem to have the time to do that anymore unfortunately. I never plan on stopping writing my blog though I wish i had a bit more time to do it! Thank you again for your comments, they mean a lot! :) xx