Wednesday, 9 November 2016


Celestine's cousin has come to stay. Meet Vinetta!

You can tell she's related to Celestine because of the black and white hair! There she is (above) exploring the front garden.

Her birthday is September 23rd. She likes: heavy eyeliner, black and white stripes, autumn and winter, diamonds, fairy lights, fashion, fireworks, dark hot chocolate, glitter and icy sparkles, hot buttered toast, stars, adventures, curling up in pockets. Her favourite colour is silver.

She's been keeping me company this autumn so far.

Do you like her tiny autumn outfit? I was very pleased with the back pack. I had been meaning to make one for a long time. I know the stitching is not the neatest but hopefully it adds some rustic charm haha. Also, who else is obsessed with tiny buttons? I love them so much. 

Here she is having her morning cup of tea on the garden wall a few mornings ago. Well, quite a few mornings ago now! This was before Halloween. I just haven't had any time to update lately.

So this year has been very busy so far. I have been working on Isadora Moon, planning Isadora Moon events, working on a side project for the future and also growing a baby!! I can't believe I am now 33 weeks pregnant! This photo was actually taken quite a few weeks ago (I am so behind on my blogging) but it's the only decent photo of pregnant me. I am definitely not one of those photogenic pregnant people haha.

This was taken while I was still able to walk up the hills! Now I am so pregnant I get dizzy walking up them. I am limited to just going round the block. I can't wait until I can go on proper walks again.

The other weekend Henry and I went to Wrest Park which is a big stately home in beautiful grounds really near to where we live. We have never been inside the house but the gardens are so nice and peaceful to walk through. Vinetta came too. Here she is walking across the sun dial.

She is modelling her second Autumn outfit of the season! She does like to stay fashionable and coordinate with the time of year! You can see I've made use of some of the buttons on her dress and hat. This was a really nice weekend actually. I can't remember exactly what we did, we probably didn't do much, but I just remember it was relaxing. I am all for relaxing weekends at the moment. I get tired easily now. 

There's Wrest Park house (below.) Maybe one time we will look inside it. My mum bought us a season ticket so we can go there whenever we like now because it is a good place for a heavily pregnant person to walk and it will also be good for pushing a pram around when the baby arrives! I do feel that being pregnant basically turns you into an OAP.

Not sure what Henry is doing in that ^ photo but I still like it.

These photos are from a different weekend. I think this was probably the last time I ventured up the hills actually. It was late afternoon and the sun was setting. There were red berries everywhere. Then we came home and had stuffed pumpkins/squashes for dinner which didn't turn out to be as nice as we thought they would be!

Vinetta on Halloween. She borrowed Celestine's pumkin outfit and Celestine wore her gold tutu dress. They went trick or treating together with their little paper bags. 

We got about four trick or treaters because Henry put a pumpkin in the window. He bought a ghost bucket and put loads of sweets in it. I insisted that he gave out Isadora Moon book marks with the sweets to any children who knocked on the door. It was quite funny because the children seemed more interested in the bookmarks than the sweets. Probably because it was a novelty for them!

So that seems to have been a lot of our Autumn so far. It's mainly been full of Isadora Moon events and trying to get the sketches for Isadora Moon book 5 completed but also some other small things. We have started to buy some important things for the baby - like a pram and a car seat etc. We went to a James Acaster gig except I had to miss half of it because I got too hot and had to go outside (pregnancy!) which was a bit disappointing. I think he is just the funniest comedian ever! I discovered that the Hotel Chocolat Halloween chocolates are really excellent. I finally got a new coat after about three years so I can be warm this winter - even though it does not do up over my stomach now. It is faux fur and I am very pleased with it. I love fur coats because they are so warm. Aaaand I can't think of any other thrilling updates.

I will finish with another photo of Vinetta all ready to go out before the weather got to cold to not wear a coat, and also of her asleep. I have been having the room so cold at night lately that she needs to wear her hat in bed!

 Bye for now!


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Stephanie said...

Congrats on being pregnant! It has been some time since I visited your blog. I am just catching up on all what you have been doing.