Saturday, 31 December 2016

Christmas 2016

To be honest Christmas went by in an absolute blur this year and it didn't really feel like Christmas. I had a baby on the 20th so I was a bit preoccupied with that and a bit out of it! However, I felt like I indulged in a lot of Christmassy things before the baby came which made me feel very festive and I took lots of photos. 

Here's Vinetta venturing out into the garden one frosty morning. Sparkle twinkle!

I decided to decorate my castle for Christmas this year and went all out! A big Christmas tree in the entrance hall, a smaller one in the sitting room and an even smaller one in the attic which is Vinetta's temporary room. I even put up some tiny paper chains, a crib and a Christmas quilt on the bed. I used the sleigh from my Night Before Christmas book to decorate the roof.

Here's a close up of the sitting room. I still have a long way to go with it. It's nowhere near finished. Everything in there is a bit makeshift right now but I thought I still managed to make it look quite festive.

Here's Vinetta putting presents under the Christmas tree! I used the star filter on my camera to make the lights spiky.

And here she is on the miniature carousel.

Henry and I decided to get a real tree for our house this year. We ended getting one that was too big for our house! But we still loved it. We are both fans of multicoloured lights and mismatched ornaments. 

Here's Vinetta having some hot chocolate in her snowman mug.

I started knitting miniature hats during a hospital appointment the week before our baby arrived. I had to have a growth scan to check the baby's size and that led to other various tests (which were all fine!) but it meant a lot of waiting around in the hospital. I discovered that knitting is an excellent way to pass the time in hospital. I find it easier than trying to read a book in a waiting room.

Below top left: I went to Oxford for an illustrator and author day at the OUP offices which was really useful and also nice to meet some of the other illustrators and more of the OUP team. They gave us goodies including chocolates and a book wrapped up in sparkly christmas tree wrapping paper. Below top right: Henry and I playing Splendour on our last weekend as a couple before our baby arrived. We had a kind of 'date' day and went to town, had some nice food, played a game and watched a film. I remember by this point I felt so heavy I couldn't stand up for long at all! Below bottom left: Our Christmas tree. below bottom right: A snippet from The Biggest Smallest Christmas Present.

Another snippet from The Biggest Smallest Christmas Present.

My grandparents gave us a little Christmas tree to put in our alcove and I put star fairylights on it. There's Vinetta admiring it!

And lastly. Below top left: Vinetta at the carol concert at my grandmothers church. below top right: I drew the illustration for the carol concert booklet thingy because my grandmother likes me to do it every year. Bottom left: Tiny slippers that appeared under the Christmas tree in the castle for Vinetta. Bottom right. Henry showing our baby the Christmas tree lights. 

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

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