Friday, 3 February 2017


I can't believe our little Celestine is already six weeks old! She seems huge to me now compared to when she was first born. She's chubbing out and getting all the cute baby rolls and she has started smiling which is just the best thing! January seems to have gone by in a blur but here are some things I can remember.

We went to Wrest Park a couple of weeks ago and I did the longest and best walk I have done since the c section which was good. The recovery is quite frustrating because it is long and I find I set myself back if I do too much but I am getting there. I have started driving again (we got another car! So now I can get around during the day which Henry takes the other car to work) and going to baby groups. I didn't meet any other mums before the birth as I didn't do any antenatal classes so I am trying to do so now. I take Celestine to baby massage which is just the cutest thing and I can't wait to take her swimming at some point. 

Here she is at Wrest Park in the little knitted bobble hat that my mum made for her. There are matching booties but she seems to always kick booties off her feet so we don't really bother putting them on.

I must admit, I am quite shocked at how much my life has changed by having a baby. It's a whole other world this mummy business! I find it almost impossible to get anything done because Celestine likes to be held a lot. I have had to learn to eat with one hand. Even right now she is sitting on my lap as I type this. I don't mind though, it's sweet and I know this stage will fly by so fast. It already is! My favourite things are the little froggy cuddles. I love them so much.

The thing I am most looking forward to right now is being able to properly exercise again. I cannot WAIT to be able to go on proper walks in the countryside again. I thought I was healed enough to start doing that last week but after a half hour walk round the block I felt like my stomach was broken in two again so I think I need to wait a bit longer. I have been consoling myself with booking a few little holidays in nice places for later in the year - I have booked a couple of days for us in the peak district which I am really excited about. I miss being out in nature so much.

Henry went on a walk round the hills and took this picture for me. So can't wait to be up there again. It will be a personal milestone when I can do that as I haven't been up there since I was about six months pregnant. Last time I saw those hills it was autumn and there were red berries everywhere!

Work wise I have actually started working on Isadora Moon book six! I have been snatching any moment I can to try and get the sketches done. I am not going to lie - it's not easy to do with a baby around but I am determined to do it! It also keeps me mentally sane to have work to do. It can get a bit intense only focusing on baby things. I just love Celestine so much that the emotions can get a bit overwhelming if I don't balance out life with other things too. 

Speaking of Isadora Moon, I have been getting foreign editions of the books in the post which is exciting to see! here are the Danish editions. they are really nice becasue they are in hardback.

And here are the Isadora Moon audio cd's! These came through before Christmas.

So that's January! I am definitely still finding my way with this new life at the moment and the past few weeks have been all about adjusting. I am sure it will be more of the same in February!

One thing though - I thought that I would lose interest in miniatures and things when I had a baby as I would be so preoccupied but actually that hasn't happened which I am pleased about. I even managed to take a photo of Vinetta wearing her rainbow knitted hat the other day to join in with a rainbow tag on Instagram. It still needs a bobble. I think a gold sparkly one would look best.

And look at these absolutely adorable miniature Chanel bottles I got for Christmas. The 50p is further away so they actually look smaller in real life. They are tiny!

I think I will do a post about my favourite miniatures of 2016 at some point.

Other things that happened in January: I accompanied Henry to some rock climbing sessions though of course I did not do it myself! I sat and watched with Celestine. That took up two weekends. Also my beloved dog Barney died a couple of weeks ago. He was fifteen and not very well so it was a relief in a way but I will miss him. He was the best dog in the world! I love you Barney!

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