Sunday, 4 June 2017


Last week we visited Castleton in the peak district just for two nights. It ended up being one of those little breaks that I will remember as a lovely memory forever. I loved Castleton so much. To me it felt like the sort of magical, picturesque little village that you might find in the film 'Stardust.' It was beautiful and charming and everyone there was so friendly.

We booked our trip to Castleton a few months ago when I was sitting on the sofa, recoving from my c section and desperate to get out into the countryside and walk about. I craved it so much! I had come across some pictures of Mam Tor online and I decided that I wanted to walk up it as soon as I was recovered. I thought it might be suitable for our off road buggy as it has paved walkways.

I was a little naive in thinking that. When it came to it, getting the buggy up the hill was not an easy feat. BUT we did manage it. Most credit to Hnery though I did help to lift it over rocks and stiles whilst Celestine slept like a little empress. The weather wasn't the greatest on the day we did the Mam Tor walk and I did freak out a few times that it might start thundering and lightening (it didn't) but over all it didn't matter. I'm going to say it was... atomospheric!

It was so, so great to be up walking on that ridge. I love being at the top of hills and looking down. Castleton seemed like a toy village from up there. We had our lunch at the top which we had bought from one of the shops in Castleton. Cheese salad sandwich for me, pasty for Hnery and milk for Celestine. I thought it was quite cool to breastfeed Celestine at the top of Mam Tor as it's name means 'mother hill.'

After we walked up Mam Tor we walked up to Pevril Castle where I took this photo of Vinetta having a tea break! The sun came out for a little bit which was nice.

Right now, what with looking after my baby and trying to continue with my work, I ahve little time to indulge in miniature photography but one day I would love to go back to Castleton with the intention of being able to take my time and photograph Vinetta around and about. There were so many little mossy bits, flowers, beautiful trees around that would have made for wonderful fairy-like photos.

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