Monday, 30 March 2009

Sitting on the superglue

And heres one more picture of Melusina.^

Jeffree Star and Hyperreality

Who's heard of Jeffree Star?I'm having to do a presentation on hyperreality and I am linking it to plastic surgery and body modification. I think it's sad when people go under the knife to try and look like a celebrity who has been photo-shopped and made up to within an inch of their life. They are basing their image on beauty that was never there in the first place and which is an illusion, fake and hyperreal.

I can't really talk because I wont go out of the house without make up on but seriously after watching the programme 'Drastic Plastic' on Thursday it has completely put me off plastic surgery for life! It was the most graphic amd squirm-making programme I have ever seen on that subject!

Anyway I don't know if Jeffree Star has ever had plastic surgery but he is a prime example of a hyperreal person. It's all about the show but to be honest I think he's quite cool. He looks so PLASTIC all the time!'The vanity sanctuary will keep me safe'

Here are some other crazy and maybe more extreme people I have come across whilst researching this subject:

LIZARD MAN! He has his tongue split in half and everything! He has gone as far to have sharpened teeth and a full body tattoo of green scales!

CAT MAN!He has all those piercings in his lip so that he can attach whiskers to them! He also has silicone implants in his cheeks and forehead along with many other modifications. This picture freaks me out a bit!

However the MOST tattoed man in the world is this guy (below) Lucky Diamond Rich who has even had the inside of his ears and his gums tattooed with black ink!It's crazy the lengths some people will go to!I think this woman looks quite beautiful with all the gold hoops around her neck but they must be incredibly restrictive!

And eyeball piercing/tattooing. Need I say more?!

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

The Fairy Melusina

I had a crit yesterday and Rob seemed to like my book so that was cool. I haven't had a good crit in a while so I was very happy. It is really almost done now. I just need to re do one page and design the front cover and THEN put it all together which I am dreading because I am not good at stuff like that!Mrs Needleskin in the bathroom^ Melusina has been having fun with the bubble bath!This is the scene where Melusina is having a party in her cardboard castle at midnight and all the other banished fairies are coming out to play. See i even drew some tiny chavs!
This is Mr Needleskin inventing in his workshop^ I think the character position looks a little bit stiff but oh well.

I spent a lot of the day today helping out for the CU exhibition tomorrow. I had to paint the boards white and wear one of those massive boiler suits. I am just exhibiting my Death of a Cupcake book again because I can't think of anything else! Oh and I got absolutely SOAKED last night walking home from going out. It was horrible icy rain and I looked like a drowned rat. An emo rat because my eyeliner had run everywhere. My coat was dripping on the back of my door for ages. None of that was very relevant was it? never mind. But ACTUALLY that reminds me! Yesterday my Camille Rose Garcia book came in the post! :) I love her illustrations. I especially like the little blue octopus character with the emo eyes (see theres my link!) I would recommend 'The Magic Bottle' to anyone!
Melusina again^

Friday, 20 March 2009

The Fairy Melusina

I can finally upload some of my double page spreads for 'The Fairy Melusina' book!
These are just prototypes of how it's going to look. I know there's still some spelling mistakes in there! lol.

I'm hoping to have finished all the pages by the end of the weekend so that then I can put the book together. I want to try and bind it like we were shown last week. I can't wait to finish it now though. It's taken so long!

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

The Fairy Melusina

I am still working working working on the pages for my 'Fairy Melusina' book. This^ is the cardboard castle that Melusina lives in, in the attic of a tall green house. I can't upload any double page spreads yet cos my scanner isn't big enough.
This is the one other single page illustration I've done, where Melusina has stuck multicoloured feathers to Mrs Needleskins eyelashes whilst she is asleep.

Saturday, 14 March 2009

Sugarcube Castle

On Thursday I had my Glitterati (alcoholic) Cupcake Teaparty for my birthday and people came round and there were silver stars stuck all over our sitting room wall (thanks to erin) and glitter and sequins sprinkled all over the floor and lots and lots of cupcakes. There was also a SUGARCUBE CASTLE which me and Anya made the night before. We used up 5 boxes of sugarlumps I think. Also everyone had to bring their teddybears round and then we went clubbing. Haha it was a bit random really.
I sprinkled loads of glitter on the castle but it doesn't really show up in the picture.
I also found this really interesting blog I think all the stuff made out of lego is really cool.

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Fish bone

Ok the most ridiculous thing actually happened today. I got a bone stuck in my throat when I was eating mackerel at lunch today and it really wouldn't come out no matter how much i coughed and ate bread etc. So I rang the Doctors surgery to ask them how I was supposed to get it out and they said go to CASUALTY!!!! for a tiny fish bone!? They said it needs to be checked out incase it makes a hole in my esophagus or windpipe or whatever.

Anyway so I went to the hospital because it was starting to be really irratating and me and Anya sat int the waiting room and there were quite a few rugby players who came in from the UEA with injuries and a little boy who had obviously broken his leg and was complaining at his mum to stop prodding it.

The doctor put one of those sticks on my tongue and made me say ahhhh and then shone a light down my throat and used some fawseps to get the bone out. And then i skipped out of there and had to get a taxi back into town. Altogether the trip to and from the hospital was 16 quid! That's one expensive piece of fish!


I know these are really really bad photographs but I just wanted to show you my books that I made yesterday. It was actually really fun learning how to bookbind and surprisingly easier than I thought. All the books that people made came out looking so professional looking as well! I think when I have finished 'The Fairy Melusina' book I am illustrating at the moment I am going to try and bind it using the technique we were taught yesterday because I think it would give it a nice finished effect.

I even gave one of the books curved edges using a 5 p coin and a scalpel. It's cool to think that these two books started out as 4 a1 sheets of paper at the beginning of the day!

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

The Fairy Melusina

Its been ages but i've been ill for two weeks and now I am drowning in the amount of work i have to do.

Sue told me to fill a whole book of just people and faces for one of my final pieces for the recession project. It's because I really need to work on drawing faces and giving them actual character instead of just identical blank expressions which is what I usually do!

This is one of my favourite ones I did:
it's drawn from a random photograph that I found on deviant art.

Anyway we are doing different projects now. We have three to do in 6 weeks!!! I have written a book and am illustrating it for one of the projects which is quite scary because I literally have SO much work to do. I am painting the second picture for it now. (only the second! eek) It has taken me all day so far and I feel really nervous about how it is going to turn out.

My book involves a tattoo studio and so for research I went to Shades of Grey which is a tattoo studio in Hitchin and asked if I could draw while the guy worked. The lady in there had pink hair! It made me miss having pink hair :(
I think being a tattooist would be quite cool but I would never have the confidence to put a needle in someones skin without being worried about making a mistake.

Theses are designs for the three characters in the story:
This is Mrs Needleskin. She runs the Tattoo parlour with her husband Mr Needleskin (below). They are quite old as you can see but this means that they are very good at their job and people come from far and wide to get tattoos from Mr and Mrs Needleskin.
And THIS is the Fairy called Melusina who lives in a cardboard castle in Mr and Mrs Needlekins attic at the top of their tall creepy house and causes CHAOS.
It's only a kind of rough drawing of her. I want to improve her and obviously make her wings look better and things. Also she will be wearing clothes. I just haven't decided what yet so I didnt draw them.