Monday, 28 June 2010

Meet Victoria Stitch

Victoria Stitch and the Rainy Day

It is a rainy day and Victoria Stitch is bored.  She is bored of tracing the raindrops down the window glass with her finger.

She has exhausted her dressing up box...
her games...
and her paint set...
She is tired of antagonizing Pink Rabbit...
Pink Rabbit is tired of it too.

Victoria Stitch puts on her shiny black coat and shiny black boots and steps out into the rain.

It is time for an adventure!

(all writing and images are copyright to me)

To read more about the adventures of Victoria Stitch please go to:

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Dazzle Glitter Sparkle

I wanted to post some pictures of my dress from the Graduation Ball.
I was proud of it because I made half of it.
That's me and my splendid housemate Adam^
I bought eight metres of pink and black netting to make the back bit of the skirt. 
And I superglued a bunch of gems onto a cheap top from Primark to sparkle it up.

The Ball was fun and I can't believe I'm graduating already!

Friday, 18 June 2010

It's a dogs life

I've been drawing a lot of dogs lately for a competition.  I don't usually draw animals so it's been something new.  Which was quite fun actually.  I like drawing animals.  I want to draw more.  I had a dream about a yellow siamese cat the other night and now I want to draw one of those! 

This is the little dog in his ice-cream coloured village, with his family:

And here are a few drawings the little dog on his own.  He's almost like my actual real life dog, Barney, apart from the long fur.
I enjoyed drawing that ^ poodle... 

...and I came across some really crazy poodles on my google searches!
I like the little blue one^
Crazy, crazy poodle haircut!^

And then after all that I wanted to have a go at drawing some more different types of dogs so I drew Kingsley, who often features in the Rockstar Diaries.  I couldn't resist because he is so cute!

I think though that my absolute favourite kind of dog is the sausage dog! (especially this little one below haha.  I smile every time I see this picture!)  What's yours?

Monday, 7 June 2010

Victoria Stitch

And here it is! Finally! My finished book.  My baby.

Of course now that it is all finished there's loads of stuff I would re do and change if I could but I think after a year of doing this sometimes you just gotta let things be.

Obviously I would love to get this published properly at some point but here are some pages from it, as it is now!
(p.s. my tutor was HORRIFIED when I put all the glitter on it)

If you find yourself desiring a copy then I have made some A5 softcover copies available HERE

Happy Monday! x

A trip for the sketchbook

 (^Norwich Cathedral)

Last Sunday I took my sketchbook on a trip into town where it went to the cathedral and then met up with my friend Jane's sketchbook for iced smoothies in Costa.

They had a good time.  And collected many drawings on their pages, some of which are here:

(^view from costa's window)
(^man sitting on his own, eating a sandwich)

I think coffee shops are a good place to draw if you want to find people that are not moving around too much.  Plus you can have a drink at the same time!