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More practice at drawing kids...
I so loved fairies when I was a kid. (Actually I'm not gonna lie, I still do)  I remember writing tiny little fairy letters and leaving them round the house and garden in the hope that they would be read and replied to!  I used to try and trick my sister by leaving tiny fair notes and pretending that they were from the Fairy Queen. Alas she was never fooled!

Anyway this is my last post for the night. (I have just done a mass posting session so sorry for spamming your dashboards/feeds) I just had such a backlog of work that I wanted to put on my blog. Hope you enjoyed it! Let me know what you think!

Just Being Audrey

 A few weeks ago I had a dentist appointment in London. It was at an annoying time (just before peak time started) which meant that I had to wait two hours before I could get a train home.

So with two free hours to spare what did I do on a random weeknight at rush hour? I went to Foyles of course and looked at the books!  If you've never visited the children's book section in Foyles then you really should.  it's so diverse and wonderful.  There are so many interesting children's books that you would never find in a big chain like Waterstones.

Anyway on this particular night my eye was caught by a very lovely book called 'Just Being Audrey.'

'Just Being Audrey,' is a beautiful book for kids, all about the life of Audrey Hepburn.  It is illustrated is soft pastel by the artist Julia Denos.  I think her drawings are perfect and she gets Audrey Hepburn just right!

Audrey Hepburn is always portrayed as such a glamorous and sophisticated woman (which she was!) so it is easy to think that her life was just about dressing up and wearing pearls and being photographed.  However 'Being Audrey' uncovers another part of her life which I'm not sure if a lot of people are aware of.  I certainly wasn't! Audrey Hepburn was in fact one of the first celebrities to use her fame in a good way.  She used it to 'shine a light on the impoverished children of the world through her work with UNICEF.'

'Being Audrey' is a beautiful book full of beautiful and glamorous drawings. It is a book about a person who is beautiful inside and out.  It also comes with a message: 'true kindness is the greatest measure of a person.'

I highly recommend this book to anyone!  It's wonderful and stylish and lovely.  Just like Audrey herself!


Here are a few pictures that are inspiring me at the moment over at Pinterest and Tumblr...

Galaxy nails...
Corpse Bride- I love her!
Tinkerbell (the original one mind!)
pretty perfumes
I love this idea
A Woggle of Witches by Adrienne Adams
Snow White
Daphne Guniness, most stylish woman ever.
Tinkerbell. My fave.
A sandcastle palace! Magical.
So clever and beautiful.
Love these!
Mary Blair
I have to say although I was reluctant to jump on the bandwagon of these two websites/time eaters, I have actually found them to be very inspiring.  It's so nice to be able to collect images that you like and group them into different categories.  It's also really interesting to be able to see what's inspiring my friends too.  I think you can get quite a good sense of a person by looking at what images they collect.

By the way i am sorry if i have not credited all the above images.  If they are yours please let me know and I will credit you/take them down!

Wishes and Wellies

This is a commission I did a little while back for a website/blog banner.  I was quite proud of it so thought I would post it on the blog...

This one is for the facebook banner version.
I especially liked the red haired girl I drew with the two dogs. Elegance was the idea.

Here's a link to Wishes and Wellies if you're interested.