Saturday, 29 June 2013

This Week...

I designed a necklace for the wedding and my mum cleverly started to make it. We all watched Wuthering Heights. I did an hour long cycle before starting work.

Celestine got a new bicycle which actually works!  It has a miniature chain and everything.  I did an hour long cycle again. Had one of my craft clubs.

We went up to London in the evening to have dinner with my Grandfather and his wife who were over from America. Popped into the Illustration Cupboard beforehand and saw lots of original artworks by famous book illustrators. We had a posh meal in a posh place- lobster pasta for me! Celestine came too.

Henry and I started looking at houses online. We want to buy one. I had my other craft club. Am very impressed by the 'mosaic' one of the children has made (below) We had dinner at a family friend's house- ate crab croquettes.

Work in progress (below) Henry and I had out first house viewing in the evening. Afterwards we went on a cycle round our town to look at houses in different areas.

Hope your week was good!

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Celestine: Flower Princess

I meant to upload this (Celestine picture number 6- must mean I've kept this up for 6 weeks now!) on Friday- midsummer's day but ran out of time.  I was so busy preparing for the ball we were going to. Midsummer's day marked exactly one year until Henry and I get married!

The ball we went to was the Flank Company's Ball in London.  my Grandparents took my whole family to it because my Grandfather used to be a pikeman which is why they are able to get tickets for it.  I have always wanted to go since I was really little I heard there is a carousel there that you can just hop on and off all night for free. Unfortunately the carousel wasn't there when we went but there was a ferris wheel. Henry and I happened to be sitting on the top of the ferris wheel while they were loading people on and off it when the fireworks started going off!

This is all of us at my cousins house just before we left for the ball. We had to hire a coach to get us all there!

I put a lot of effort into my outfit for the ball. My mum made me my dress. It was black with silver stars dotted all over it. I decided I wanted black hair to match my dress too so Henry helped me dye it (just semi permanent) on Friday morning. That was a bit of a mistake!  We both ended up with blue stained all over us and it took a LOT of scrubbing to get it out. In fact I didn't manage to get it all off and still had blue ears for the ball.  Also the colour didn't quite come out as I thought it would. It was a bit greenish/grey with blue tips at the bottom.  I think it looked all right though. But for the stress of it all I am never dying my hair on the day of an event again!

I was sort of using this ball as a kind of test run for the wedding hair-wise. I chose the style I wanted it for when we got married and got it done that way.  I'm glad I did as I don't think it will work very well for the wedding. It fell flat and looked a bit messy after not very long. 

It took me a whole day to get ready. I think this was down to dying my hair, getting it put up in the hairdressers and applying individual false eyelashes to my eyes. I have always been interested in trying those individual false eyelashes as Henry's mum uses them and they look really good. Also I like the fact you can just leave them on until they fall off.  I was impressed with how they looked- I am going to use them when I get married but they did take me ages to put on!

So things I learnt from this ball for the wedding are:

1- Don't do anything major like dye my hair on the actual day of the wedding.
2- wear the individual false eyelashes but maybe get some one else to put them on for me.
3- Think of a different hairstyle.

ANYWAY apart from all that I was pretty happy with how my outfit came together.  Henry wore a matching bow tie made from the same fabric as my dress.

There were lots of different rooms with different things going on in them at the ball. There was a room where you could go and have your face painted by a make up artist. I had a star and glitter pattern painted round my eye. Then you could have a photo taken in the photobooth there.  We did that too.  It was really fun.  I really enjoyed just being there with all my family and getting to dress up loads and dance.  It was a great night! 

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

gold boots

This weekend was a very shoe-y weekend!  We went up to Nottingham to visit Henry's Dad and Gran. On Saturday Henry and his Dad went to the cinema to see Man of Steel and I went shopping in the city. It was ridiculously busy. I stood in so mnay queues!  Anyway I bought a couple of pairs of shoes- ones just to wear in summer (I didn't have any summer shoes really except for boots) and a pair to wear with my ball dress on Friday because we are going to a ball!!!  One pair is silver, the other is gold. :)

When Henry came out from his film he also bought  a pair of smart shoes for the ball on Friday.  

And then I made Celestine a pair of little yellow boots. So she also got new shoes! Wouldn't want her to feel left out.

So that's why it was a very shoe-y weekend. And you can see why that's the theme for my Celestine sketch number 5.  I tried a bit of colour in this one. I'm quite liking it! Oh how Celestine wishes she had a real pair of gold boots with black pom poms on the toes. Gold is her favourite colour. Maybe I should try and make her some...

Other things we did this weekend: Ate pizza and chocolate cake, visited Henry's Uncle and Aunt who I have never met before, went on a cycle ride, did lots of sewing (clothes for Celestine's holiday in August) and saw Henry's best friend Chloe- she came over and they played video games.  All in all it was a good weekend.  I hope yours was too!

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

The Sad Picnic

Sometimes Celestine feels sad. Maybe someone has disappointed her, or maybe she has lost something...  

Either way when she feel like this (which thankfully isn't often) she makes herself feel better by going for a picnic.

On her own. 

In the middle of the night. 

It might seem a little strange but it usually works for her. And that's the important thing.


So that is my Celestine sketch number four.

Also, a sidenote: A lot of my pictures are not showing on my blog at the moment. I have exceeded my photobucket bandwidth for the month apparently.  All the photos should reappear in a couple of days though.  I switched to photobucket a few months ago because I ran out of space on blogger (picasa web albums). I now seem to have more space again on blogger when I checked... it's all very confusing!  I don't really understand it.  Anyone else had similar problems? If so I'd be grateful for some advice! 

Monday, 10 June 2013

Tottie: The Story of a Dolls' House

Recently I remembered a book I used to own when I was younger called 'Tottie' by Rumer Godden. There was a particular illustration in it that I really loved. Immediately I went into the attic to try and find it again but to no avail. After some searching I ordered another copy off Amazon for 1 pence (well plus postage)  It arrived the other day and I am so glad I am able to look at the illustrations again! I don't think I appreciated them fully as a child.

To give a very brief synopsis, 'Tottie' is the story of a little wooden dutch doll who lives in a dolls house with her mismatched 'family' of other dolls- Mr Plantaganet, Birdie, Apple and Darner the dog. They all live happily together until a selfish china doll moves in and their existence begins to be threatened.  In fact one of the dolls meets a sad and shocking end. There are some quite dark undertones to the book.

However, as much as I loved the story (I think I read it several times as a child) I want to focus more on the illustrations. I think illustrations in chapter books can often get a bit overlooked. And these ones (by Joanna Jamieson) are just beautiful. They really capture the charm of the dolls and the story.

The illustration I particularly love by the way is the one of Tottie sitting in the hand wearing her cape and muff.

Did you ever read this book? I think it was one of my favourites.

Saturday, 8 June 2013

fun in the sun

 From top to bottom:

1- A drawing I just did for myself.
2- Some jewels I found for really cheap and snapped up immediately. I have always loved those iridescent glass beads.
3- A melting crayon picture- an activity for the kids at my craft club.
4- Work in progress...
5- Celestine trying on a clown hat.
6- A walk we went on the other day when it was really sunny.
7- Celestine went rowing in the river.
8- Moneypennies/fairy purses.
9- Barney leaping though the field. He is so funny when he does that. The grass is taller than him so you just see his little face popping up as he bounces through it.
10- Celestine in the garden at sunset.
11- Flowers in the garden.
12- We went swimming in my Grandparent's pool.
13- And I tried out my new underwater camera.
14- Celestine went rowing in the swimming pool. She loves her little boat.

Other things:

-I am loving this sunny weather- long may it last. It has meant we have been able to eat in the garden lots on the picnic rug.  The only downside is that I sooo don't feel like getting back to work afterwards!

-We ate really nice home made calzone's while watching The dead Poet's Society. In fact we had them twice over the last week as Henry made four of them. Yum.

-Today we went to my friend's 21'st birthday party. It was kid party themed with space hoppers, pass the parcel and lots of other garden games plus alcohol. It was certainly a fun theme! We even got given a party bag when we left. AND there was a Cindy birthday cake- you know the ones where there's a Cindy doll stuck in the top with a big skirt made of cake.

Hope you've been having fun and enjoying the sunny weather.

Until next time!


Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Celestine sketch number 3

Last Friday was such a nice day. it was so sunny. Henry and I decided to have it as our weekend day and went on a bike ride.  At the end we stopped at this pub and ordered burgers.  Ten minutes later we were told they couldn't cook them because there had been a power cut.  We gulped down our drinks, hopped back on our bikes and cycled to a different pub. But they didn't serve burgers.  By this time we really wanted a burger!  In the end we just went home and made them ourselves. We ate them sitting in the garden on the picnic rug. They were really amazing burgers. And we had bought enough to make them for Saturday lunch as well.  So it turned out good.

Side note: Celestine doesn't actually have a bike as there isn't one small enough for her.  If she did have one though I think it would be red.