Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Isadora Moon Mini Books!

Vinetta posing with my Isadora Moon mini books! I have a dowloadable sheet for them HERE.

The Isle of Mull

In March we visited the Isle of Mull on the west coast of Scotland. What a beautiful, beautiful place! We decided that it was our favourite place we had ever visited in Scotland. It even beat the Isle of Harris which had been our favourite place before that. Mull just had everything: beaches, mountains, woodland, a pretty town. It ticked all the boxes for us and we can't wait to go back there next year!

Vinetta came too of course, hopping into my pocket for the (long) drive up there. She enjoyed exploring the stunning surroundings so much. Her highlight was having a tiny campfire on the beach as the sun went down.

She used seaweed to light her fire that she had collected in a basket!

She did lots and lots of walking on the beach. There were lots of limpet shells everywhere. I had an idea for our next holiday that I am going to try and collect lots of mini shells and make a tiny framed picture of them for my castle. I saw a full size one in w gallery while we were on Mull which gave me the idea!

We stayed just up from Calgary Bay (pictured below) which was absolutely beautiful! I feel I am going to use the word beautiful a lot in the post! There no other word to describe. We stayed above an art cafe, surrounded by nature (and a sculpture trail in the woods!) which was the perfect place. There was a sculpture of a basking shark right outside our window!

Calgary Bay below. And Vinetta contemplating climbing the mountain!

The sea was blue and in some places looked tropical. We discovered a few other little bays along from Calgary which we had to walk to get to. We couldn't do any major treks becasue of having a baby with us but we did a couple of mini hikes and had a picnic on one of the beaches. Why does food always taste so much better when you eat it in the open air?

That's another view of Calgary Bay above. What I love about Scotland is that you get all the beauty by you also get space! You also have to put up with the changeable weather though.

We stopped in Dervaig and went to church on the Sunday morning. I like going to church in different places while on holiday. It was such a pretty church - I didn't actually get a photo of it but I did get a photo of Vinetta having a little snack on the mossy grass outside it. I loved the colour of the grass in Mull - such a vibrant green!
We saw so many beautiful sights on our travels around Mull. Just look at the the colours in the landscape and sky! I loved driving through the mountainous part. It was epic.

I'm sure that's Ben More below - the tallest mountain on Mull. One day I would love to climb it!

We saw so many rainbows - mostly on our journey up to Mull. 

Vinetta looking out to sea on Calgary Bay.

And this was Tobermory which was a lovely little town. Full of little shops. One of them had a womble standing outside it! I liked the chocolate shop best - strawberry creams and dark chocolate truffles. I saw a pair of rainbow wellies that I wish I had bought for Celestine. Maybe they'll still be there next year...

 Over all it was a wonderful holiday. Can't wait to go back!