Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Victoria Stitch makes paper snowflakes

Hi everyone! Firstly thanks so much for your kind comments and messages about my last post! They did make me feel a lot better. I am very lucky to be able to do the job I love and it has reminded me of that. Also it has shown me that I am not alone- that many people work in solitude too  Even so, I am planning to eventually have some kind of part time job that gets me out and involved with people.  For me I think that's the best way forward.

Secondly: You may or may not notice that I have changed my blog header. You'd be forgiven for not noticing as I think the difference is quite subtle.  I was getting tired of my old Victoria Stitch one and since she (and my drawing style) has evolved a bit since I made the last one I decided to update it!

This one definitely has a Christmassy theme running through it. there are glittery baubles, snowmen and snowflakes.  As you can see, Victoria Stitch is busy making silver paper snowflakes and pink Rabbit is writing a letter to Santa.

I made this image using my preferred method of creating a scene in 3d out of paper and then photographing it.  I like being able to put extra little elements in there like the glass bottle and the round glittery baubles (beads)

I absolutely love working with glitter. It just makes me so happy.  I love that I can always incorporate glitter into my Victoria Stitch illustrations. 

What do you think? I have been missing Victoria Stitch a bit lately and felt it was time to take her to the drawing board again.  She is after all my original and most important baby!

For your interest, this was the last header so you can compare. I am not sure which one I prefer overall but I think that Victoria Stitch has a nicer face in the new one:

Sunday, 18 November 2012

a jumble of things...

The other night I said to Henry 'Why did I choose to be an illustrator? It's such a lonely profession.'  He replied 'you didn't choose it. It's a vocation.'

This is true.  I didn't really think about it that way before.  I can't actually imagine myself doing anything else or at least being as good at anything else.  And after five and a half years of university it would be silly to not use the skills i have developed.  But even so I've been struggling a bit lately with 'being an illustrator.'

The two main things I find difficult are: working from home and working alone.  Its so haaard! I find myself so jealous of people who get to leave the house and go to an office to work! However I am looking into a few little side jobs that will get me out of the house but they are taking a while to get started...

Anyway I didn't want this to be a rant or anything I just wondered if there were any illustrators out there who feel the same? And what do you do to balance out your home/work/social life without becoming a crazy hermit? I guess I'm still quite new to this full time illustrator thing...

Anyway enough about that. Here's a drawing I did the other day at the drawing class I go to on a Tuesday morning:

And here's some pictures of where I went in London the other day.  Mainly of Fortnum and Masons. I absolutely love that shop! I think it's my favourite shop ever! The carpet is so plushy, the air smells so nice, the things to buy are all so nicely displayed and packaged. it is a shop of luxury! I can just walk around there gazing at everything.  I love the chocolate counters and the posh desserts all displayed behind their glass cabinets. I especially love it at Christmastime when there are baskets full of glittering baubles and trees covered in fairy lights at every twist and turn.  Those red crackers I took a photo of below were 500 pounds!!!

I love it!

And now (I did say this was a bit of a jumble) here are some photos I meant to post a while back of the fabrics and amazing tiny buttons  I got in Derby the other weekend.  Too cute not to share!

I look forward to using it all. I'm sure all those scrap fabrics will be very useful in my future 3d illustrations. or maybe for Celestine. Who knows!

And here's Celestine (channeling some French vibes!) sitting on top of some salt and pepper pots yesterday. I took a little trip to visit my friend and we went to this nice little cafe place for lunch. They had some really nice food there- sweet potato gratin, chocolate truffle tart  (yum) lamb wrap with hummus etc... it's making me hungry thinking about it all.  I was lovely to see my friend and we had an interesting conversation about being passionate about stuff but that's a topic for another post!

And now finally I just want to mention that today marks the day of mine and Henry's three year anniversary-  and it's been such a wonderful three years together.  I look forward to many more! :)  Tonight we are going out to dinner to celebrate (which reminds me I need to go and get ready!) So I'd better stop writing and go!  Bye for now!

Friday, 16 November 2012

Celestine does Baking

On Monday evening my friend Nicola came round and we decided in premature preparation for Christmas, that we would bake some festive gingerbread men.  It was Henry's idea really (he loves gingerbread, in fact one of our first dates was a gingerbread making date but that's another story) so he did the main making of the mixture and then we all cut them out and decorated them together.  

Of course Celestine wanted to bake too so I set her up a little table with her own gingerbread cutters   but she spent most of her time covered in flour and trying to climb into the sugar bag instead. 

The miniature cutters by the way I discovered online here thanks to Polly.

It was lots of fun and now we have lots of gingerbread to eat!

This week has been quite a busy oneIt has been full of drawing, cutting out, getting my portfolio together, meetings in London, walking the dog, swimming, getting the piano tuned for my parents, making mushroom and cheese tarts, getting picture books out from the library, buying secret santa presents, going to the art nest for a drawing session and tea and cake, watching The Shining and The Others, browsing the children's section in Foyles, spending a great deal of time in Forbidden Planet (I love that shop!) walking round Fortnum and Mason and marvelling at all the beautiful glittery things, making Celestine a new stripy red and black dress (she looks very french!) and probably some more things which I can't remember...

I hope you've had a good week too! Did you do anything exciting?

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Celestine goes to see the fireworks

Celestine adored the fireworks.  And do you like her new leopard print fur coat? It has ears!  It's her new favourite thing to wear.  I found the material whilst in Derby at the weekend.  If you like fabric (like me!) then Derby market is brilliant! It has so much choice.  I bought quite a few different bits of fabric there this weekend including some scraps with tiny patterns printed on them and also some orange ribbon with black bats on it! I also found a stall that sold tiny buttons. I was amazed. I have never seen tiny buttons sold anywhere other than packets in art shops and they never seem to have black ones. This stall had all different colours of tiny buttons and black ones! I had to buy loads.  They were 3 pence each. I can't wait to make stuff with it all when i have time! Will have to upload some photos so you can see. Yes I know I am a geek!

Anyway, hope you had a fun bonfire night yesterday!  I think my dog is glad it's all over.  He hates the bangs.  Did you go and see any firework displays? Henry and I just went to the one at the top of our road (it's a big one that happens every year). It was cold but epic!