Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Fairylights Muncher

These are more ideas for the conversation piece brief. I really like the top one although I might put a background in it like some stripy wallpaper or something. I'm not sure that it needs it though.I need to work on faces a lot more. i do not like the one below as much and I am not sure that it works as well for the brief but never mind.
And yay for my 'Ottoline and the yellow cat' book arriving today! :)

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone! (for midnight)

Tuesday, 30 December 2008

'We didn't really like her...'

This is one of my answers to the brief 'Conversation piece.' I don't know where it came from. The image just popped into my head when I was in bed. Ha and now I am rhyming.

We have to draw at least eight illustrations on this topic.

1- An informal group portrait... showing people... families... groups of friends in a domestic interior or garden setting. Sitters are shown interacting with each other or with pets, taking tea, playing games etc;
2- An unusual object that arouses comment or interest.

Friday, 26 December 2008

Christmas Drawings

Two different versions of Christmas. I like the top one a lot more:

Candycane Girl

This was the picture I drew whilst watching the Grinch because there are two characters dressed up in similar costumes. In fact all the costumes are really interesting in the Grinch. Cindy Lou wears a teactcup on her head at one point, full of milk!

Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Merry Christmas!

We went to Daves today and did our secret santa which was fun. I got Erin a bag to take out clubbing so she doesn't lose everything like usual. Erin got Sian a wind chime thing and some bath stuff, Sian got Bruno a chocolate puzzle, Bruno got Dave a Star Trek bottle opener, Dave got Ben a mug with 'Jesus' written on it and Ben got me a pink box thing with drawers in it and fairies on it and some GLITTER HAIRSPRAY!!! :D

Daves room was COVERED in fairylights. Very festive. We listened to Christmas music and played a game where you have to act out a film and your team has to guess which film it is and get as many as you can in one minute or something. Brokeback mountain kept coming up. lol.

I watched the snowman twice today. I love it and I love Raymond Brigg's original illustrations. It inspired me to do some drawing but i will scan them in tomorrow or boxing day or something. I drew a candycane person.

Some really nice woman gave me her parking ticket today when she was done with it becasue it still had an hour left on it! How nice was that!


Tuesday, 23 December 2008

The Family Portrait

Its Christmas Eve tomorrow! :) I am so excited! I decorated the tree the other day ON MY OWN. My sister and brother are too lazy to help do it now. It is all red and gold with tinsel and chocolates and stuff on it :D Ive been doing a lot of practicing drawing faces, especially mens face because I find it really hard to draw men's faces so that you can actually tell they are men and not women with short hair.

I tried to draw some pictures of my family but after a while i gave up and traced pictures of them instead so that they have more of a likeness. I am going to give the drawing to my Dad, my Grandad and my Grandma for Christmas.I am the one wearing the cat hood.

I reay admire the illustrators Tony Ditlerizzi and Chris Riddell for the way that they are able to draw such characterful faces.

ALSO i bought some half price pink fluffy fairyights today!

Wednesday, 17 December 2008


Sunday 14th December
I went to a carol concert with my friend Nicola and we were doodling.
I don't know why I found this so funny! I was laughing for ages and then decided to draw it as we were trying to do these visual diary things. This is from last week by the way.

Saturday, 13 December 2008

Sugarcube Castle

Adam went home today and so i have been TRYING to tidy my room. I hate tidying. It needs to be done though because I can barely see my floor! We decorated the Christmas tree at my Grandmas house on Wednesday with red and silver stuff and my Grandma had some BATTERY OPERATED FAIRYLIGHTS!!! Really nice green ones! I went to Wilkinsons to try and get some to wear out clubbing but they had all sold out :( So i found some on ebay instead :) I love battery operated fairylights!
I also found some of my old foundation course work and scanned it into my computer for back up. I made this castle out of sugarlumps for a project over a year ago now and it has inpired me to make another one this holidays so I bought 6 packs of sugarlumps but havn't managed to start it yet. I think I will use dolly mixture in this one as well to make it more colourful. I'm thinking I will encorporate it into our Christmas project too.I really want to do a Christmas photoshoot of some people sitting down at a table and then photoshop them into the castle but I am not very good at photoshopping :S I wish I was tiny enough to fit in here...
I think I will put BATTERY OPERATED FAIRYLIGHTS in the next castle! lol

Thursday, 11 December 2008

Rainbow Cupcakes

And this is how Adam and I made the RAINBOW cupcakes on monday...

A lot of E numbers involved in this!

Then we put white icing on top and cat faces with whiskers and cherry noses so that no one could tell they were rainbow cakes until they bit into them.
Tuesday 9th December

Friday, 5 December 2008

Illustration City!

This was so cool! Some people even made cars and street signs and there was a tramp and a garden with a camp fire and a tent! Looking inside the houses was really fun too.
I especially liked this one^ I don’t know whos it is though so I hope they don’t mind me putting it on here.
I also really liked this one^ because it looed like an actual PROPER miniature apartment. Really realistic with the carpet and the lamp and everything. I THINK it was made by someone called Natalie in 3rd yr but I’m not sure…
Yet again I do not know who made this one ^ but I liked it! The same goes for this one:
Can't remember who did this one either but it is really cute:
I t was a shame that the fairylights in my apartment did not show up because the light was too bright in the room but never mind.

Rob Shadbolt did a kind of leaving speech and said it’s going to be weird for us next year because they probably wont get a replacement for him until the summer so they are going to have to share the tutors round more :S. He also told us to judge our work against the professionals and aim high and to think outside the artschool cos its a small world.

Anyway tomorrow is the last day of term and I am going to go Christmas shopping to take advantage of Norwich and the better shops that are here before I go home on Sunday! :D

Thursday, 4 December 2008

Snow Queen

We had our crit for the delivery project today. i was a bit annoyed because I knew I could have expanded my idea more by putting intruction leaflet things inside the pill boxes to explain more what they were about and to make it more interesting but I didn’t because I had got bored of the project which means I still have to finish it off now grrr. But anyway I will look at paracetamol intruction leaflets in the Christmas holidays or something. Also I THINK the tutors preferred the illustration on the box of depressants to the the box of happy pills.

I know everyone was pleased with the boxes I sent out with smarties in them though. They all texted me the next day to say thanks for the happy pills lol :) Norwich post is fast! Other people sent theirs to really interesting people, people they didn’t know like art directors and supermarket chairpeople and other famous illustrators. I wish I could have another stab at this project now. I don’t feel like I did my best for it at all!

Rob was surprised that none of us had ever heard of Charles Addams who created the Addams family and he told me to look him up because I might find his illustrations useful.

Carol brought in some REALLY nice cake for part of her project and we all got to eat some :) I think it was lemon and ginger? Anyway it was yum.

I have been working on my ‘apartment’ for tomorrow. I started off my using snowflake wallpaper becasue it was the paper I had the most of so I decided I would make a house for the Snow Queen or Jack Frost although it’s more of a bedroom really rather that a whole apartment. It’s all blue! a colour I barely ever use or wear… but it has FAIRYLIGHTS in it!!! Which makes me feel Christmassy :)

The outside of the apartment^ plain and boring like it is meant to be. We were told to do it in black and white.
Peeping through the window^

Close up^ It looks very blue when the fairy lights are on...
Looking through two of the outside windows^
An overview of the whole room^
Th wardrobe wit her dress hanging on it^ Also her slippers and stillettos.
The dressing table with her perfume and CROWN on it!
I really enjoyed this once I got into it and I was surprised at how quickly I managed to make it, esp the furniture becasue I did the whole thing in almost one day. I am excited to see what the towers will look like tomorrow. I will take pictures.

Monday, 1 December 2008


I made up all the pill boxes today and sent them off- 7 in all! I only sent one box of depressants and that was to the tutor, all the rest were ‘happy pills’ and I put smarties (instead of ‘glitter pills) in the boxes that I sent to my friends. I sent them to people that I thought needed cheering up a bit. I hope they don’t get offended! For my actual assessment I think I will present the two boxes as a set.I took this picture with my phone so it is not very good quality ^

I also re-did the Christmas picture without using black paint for the shadowing so that it doesn’t look so grey but I’m not sure which one I prefer. Also I didn’t do a background this time and the sky inside the globe is darker. I guess I’ll let my Grandma decide which one she wants to use. I think i still need to put a sheen on the globe so it looks more like a glass ball though…

I need to start making my house for Thursday now. We have to make an ‘apartment’ for a character and decorate it inside how that character would. At first I thought I would do something really gothic like a house for the Addams Family but now I’m not sure. It’s going to have fairy lights in it though :)