Saturday, 13 December 2008

Sugarcube Castle

Adam went home today and so i have been TRYING to tidy my room. I hate tidying. It needs to be done though because I can barely see my floor! We decorated the Christmas tree at my Grandmas house on Wednesday with red and silver stuff and my Grandma had some BATTERY OPERATED FAIRYLIGHTS!!! Really nice green ones! I went to Wilkinsons to try and get some to wear out clubbing but they had all sold out :( So i found some on ebay instead :) I love battery operated fairylights!
I also found some of my old foundation course work and scanned it into my computer for back up. I made this castle out of sugarlumps for a project over a year ago now and it has inpired me to make another one this holidays so I bought 6 packs of sugarlumps but havn't managed to start it yet. I think I will use dolly mixture in this one as well to make it more colourful. I'm thinking I will encorporate it into our Christmas project too.I really want to do a Christmas photoshoot of some people sitting down at a table and then photoshop them into the castle but I am not very good at photoshopping :S I wish I was tiny enough to fit in here...
I think I will put BATTERY OPERATED FAIRYLIGHTS in the next castle! lol

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Candy said...

This is so sweet! I love it! Can't wait to see another.