Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Crown Jewels

I just want to show you this miniature jewel cabinet that I created the other day for my castle.  I'm very pleased with it! 

I had been searching for the perfect jewel cabinet to display all my miniature crowns for a while but with not much luck. I couldn't find anything the right shape or size for what I wanted. I wanted one which was longer horizontally than vertically and that seemed hard to find! In the end I bought this one on ebay which was labelled as being a display case for a shop and decided to customize it myself.  
As you can see it's not exactly the most regal looking thing. Also you can't really tell from the picture but the depth of it was bigger than I wanted too.  Silly me didn't think about the depth when I bought it I just looked at the height and width!  When I put it in my castle it stuck out quite far from the wall which i didn't want. ALSO the crowns were too tall to fit on the shelves!

Well! I decided that I would take it apart and re make it exactly how I wanted it. Henry warned me not to. He said there was no way I could change the depth of the cabinet without ruining it and he said to leave it.  But I am a perfectionist. So I got out my little hand saw and began to saw it almost in half length ways. Then I cut the 'glass' in half too, shifted it down a bit so the crowns could fit in, painted all the wood gold and stuck it all back together with superglue.  And it worked!!! I was so proud! I was secretly quite worried that it wouldn't.

Then I decided to fancy it all up with some gold decoration. I bought these little bits and pieces a while ago. I was originally going to use them to make an ornate little mirror but then decided that the jewel cabinet was a more worthy cause.  

So there you go! A fancy little jewel cabinet for my castle. It's going to sit in pride of place!

Saturday, 27 April 2013

More tiny animals

The other day in an idle moment I decided I would just use up the rest of my block of fimo before it went hard and unusable. There was only a very little bit left so I used it to make some more very little animals!

I really wanted to try making a fox (again this one is inspired by Mijbil Creatures) and was pleasantly surprised how he came out:

Then I thought I would make one of my own design so I tried a penguin. I also made a baby penguin with flappy wings but haven't painted him yet.

My friend Dave wanted to see if I could make Robot Dove which is a character of his own creation so I gave that a go too!

And then came a little mouse...
I seem to be gathering quite a collection!

I wonder what I will make next... I think a pink giraffe would be nice...

And now for some unrelated photos.  The sun has finally been making an appearance over here. About time! Suddenly all the flowers have sprung out. 

Do you like Celestine's flower crown? she feels like she is posing for a perfume advert in that picture.  

Have a sunny weekend!


Monday, 22 April 2013

Creative Weekend

Hello! Hope you had a good weekend.  Mine turned out to be very fun and eventful. On Saturday my friend Anna came round and we made things out of fimo.  I hadn't made things from fimo for aggges and so was looking forward to having a go with it again.  I was inspired by the Mijibil Creatures blog to make this little giraffe.  I was really pleased with how my versions came out!

Then, also inspired by some of the things I've seen on the Mijibil Creatures blog I created this tiny little pixie girl with a toadstool spotted dress. Celestine is rather taken with her...

Then, I decided to make a tiny little reindeer too.

I also made a few other things that I haven't finished yet. And Anna made a little sausage dog among other things.  Hope she won't mind me showing it here:

I think I've caught the bug now- I want to make more and more!

Also this weekend we had friends popping over on Sunday afternoon and then went to a family friend's house for a roast in the evening which was all really nice. For a weekend that I thought was going to be very quiet, it turned out to be pretty busy! Also it was really sunny both days.  Good weekend. :)


Friday, 19 April 2013

Spinning Butterflies and Glitter Pumpkins

From top to bottom:

1- My castle (two thirds of it) in it's current state.  Wallpapered but not furnished.  I also need to put the stairs and bannisters in. 

2- Celestine in what will be her bedroom.  She is patiently (or not so patiently) waiting for it to be finished. 

3- Trying out some new hair.

4&5- Spinning butterflies.  I made these with the children in my craft club yesterday.  You wind them up and put them in a card and they fly out. 

6- A little of what the cover for 'Witch's Cat' will be like. I molded the pumpkins out of clay, painted them and sprayed them with glitter hairspray.

7- Henry with our new car. Wearing a matching jacket. In front of Tesco's. 

8- Barney's first train journey. We took him up with us to go and fetch the car from the dealership.  It was a nice sunny day and Barney very much enjoyed the train ride.  Lots of people made a fuss of him.  After we fetched the car we drove to the nearest beach. Unfortunately it didn't turn out to be the nicest beach.

9- New Dorrie book to add to the collection.  I love Dorrie.

10- More tiny books for the castle library. All readable!

Other things (just so I don't forget): 

-My mum has been making me a ballgown which is almost finished. And I LOVE it!  Will post pictures when I wear it. 

-I have been watching excessive amounts of One tree Hill while I do my work. I always like to have something on in the background. Any suggestions for other series I can watch? 

- I have eaten quite a few bacon and avocado sandwiches this week and last. They are the best.

- We had people over for a Wii and pizza night. Was good to see friends we hadn't seen in a while. :)

- We went to my new little (2nd?) cousin Noah's Christening.  It was nice because Henry came with me and he doesn't usually come to church.  It was also nice to see all my family there.

- Met my friend Emma's new dog, Didi. We went on a walk and talked about weddings as she is also engaged. 

-I made a papier-mache Brontosaurus and a papier-mache pig.  


Wednesday, 10 April 2013


Just a little update- but not much to update on I'm afraid. I have been working on the front cover and sequel dummy book for 'I am a Witch's Cat' but obviously am not allowed to show any of it yet.  I really wish I could show more of my current illustration work on my blog. 

Here's a little sketch I can show you though.  Just one I did of recently of Celestine.  I don't know if you can tell but the fancy frame is all made of glitter.  I really like this portrait of Celestine. It hangs on my wall above my desk. I think I will make a copy to put in the castle.

Celestine also has a new hat!  I found it at a miniatures fair a few weeks ago.  Surprisingly I didn't go to this fair to buy anything- but that's another story- but when I saw this little hat selling for one pound I had to snap it up as I knew it would fit Celestine perfectly. I think it suits her quite nicely.  It's certainly keeping her warm in this cold cold month of April! Brr. please warm up!

And then because I was so pleased with finding this cute little hat I decided to photograph all of Celestine's clothes collection.  There are only a couple of bought things there. Most of the stuff I have made myself. I'm quite impressed with the amount of clothes she has.  I think one of my favourites will always be the little yellow rain mac.  I want to make her one in black at some point too.

Other things that have happened lately:  

-Henry and went up to Derby for his Grandmothers funeral. It was obviously sad but the service was nice (plus it was a sunny day). They read a poem about fairies and put fairies in the flowers because she loved fairies.

-Henry and I bought a car!  It's orange.  We are going to pick it up this weekend. 

- I painted the spiral staircase for my castle a lovely shiny gold. Also I put the carpets in.  Will upload photos soon.

- Listened to 'The Borrowers' audiobook while doing my work. I love The Borrowers. Thinking about them always makes me want to go and visit Bekonscot model village.

- Designed my wedding wedding necklace which made want to become a jewellery designer. Let's just chuck this whole illustration thing in hey?

- Did some wedding planning with friends which was more just fun than anything else. We made a moodboard and ate chocolate and looked at lots of starry/sparkly fabrics. 

- I became obsessed with this ring. I came across it on eBay and immediately fell in love with it.  I wanted it SO BAD!!! I can't imagine a more perfect ring (apart from my engagement ring of course) I love how the moon spins round the star.  I reeeeeallly wanted to win it!  However the cost of it went up too high for my budget (it is real diamonds and gold and everything so it was quite expensive) and I had to let it go. Genuinely GUTTED.  I can't find another one as nice as that anywhere. I keep thinking about it though. I gotta let it go!


Well, that's all for now folks! See you again soon!