Tuesday, 27 September 2011

3d Illustration

These are a couple of test shots from a 3d illustration I did over the summer.  I have become increasingly interested in 3d illustration recently and will do a post on some of my favourite 3d illustrated books soon!
ps. I know the bottom one is a little fuzzy, I need to get better at photography and get my hands on a better camera!

Monday, 26 September 2011

Nicholas Thomas the Naughty Kitten

Nicholas Thomas the Naughty Kitten is a book that I found in my Grandmothers house.  I think it was my mums when she was younger but now it is mine!  This summer I kind of re discovered it and my Grandmother said I could take it home and keep it. 
I just love everything about Nicholas Thomas.  He is a very endearing little kitten who is always getting himself into trouble.  The stories are written in a very appealing, old fashioned, comforting sort of style and the illustrations are also very appealing.
  'Mrs Tilly opened her nice green door and they were all there. Everybody.  The tabby kittens who lived next door (they were wrapped in red scarfs, very woolly); the little girl kittens who lived at the corner; and the kitten called Carrots, who was Sandy.  They were all the kittens Nicholas knew, and their noses were cold and pinky.'

 I love all the wrinkles on these cows below:
Does anyone else remember Nicholas Thomas?

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Jill Thompson

Hello little blog, it's been a while!

It's been a very very long summer.  I broke up from uni sometime in april or may and I only just went back!  I spent my time thinking about my masters project, doing work experience at publishing companies and writing a young fiction book (which I have now finished!)  Over the months I discovered many wonderful books and thought that I would share some of them with you!

Firstly I want to talk about Jill Thompson.  In my eyes she is AMAZING!  Well actually I think anyone would think her pictures are amazing.  She just seems to have such a knack with watcercolour.  She makes it look so effortless.
I fist came across Jill Thompsons books in my first year of University.  I was in a comic book shop with a couple of friends and suddenly my friend Adam was all like 'Ooh the Little Endless,' and pulled a picture book from off the shelf.  It was called the Little Endless Storybook and it was all about Delerium and how she loses her little dog Barnabas and then finds him again.
I love all the colour! And the writing too.

'On a pistachio day, Delerium and Barnabas went out wandering .  They sniffed the air and tasted the words that were particularly crispy on the tongue like twinkle and citrus.'

There is also a second Little Endless picture book called Deleriums Party.  I found it a few weeks ago whilst in Nottingham with Henry.  It was one of those really cool moments when I saw it in the comic book shop and was like 'wow I didn't know another one had come out!'  I love it when that happens.  Of course I bought it immediatley!
 Whilst we were in the comic book shop I also came across another of Jill Thompsons books: Scary Godmother.  I had never seen Scary Godmother before.  When I got home I decided I needed to do a google search on all of this and came across all the Scary Godmother books and also a series of books about a little witch called Magic Trixie.  It was a bit of a kid in a sweetshop moment.
Look at her! She's so cool in her striped tights and pointy shoes.  Kind of glam goth.  And of course I loved her little batwings.  They reminded me of the batwings on my own character Victoria Stitch.
 Ok and so now onto Magic Trixie.  I think she is possibly my favourite of all Jill Thompsons characters.  She is just so cute!  Also I love the whole picture book comic thing.  As a person who isn;t really a comic book or graphic novel reader at all these books really appeal to me.  They're not too comicky but they're not just picture books either. 
this image (above) is from Jill Thompsons own Magic Trixie blog magictrixie.blogspot.com/
I looove the little black cat Scratches and his bendy little legs too.  

I think everyone should be introduced to Magic Trixie!

So yes, this concludes this post.  I have such a lot of books I want to talk about that they are going to have to have separate posts!