Thursday, 19 June 2014

Hello from Celestine

Hi everyone. It's Celestine here! Harriet's a little too busy to blog right now as it's the wedding eve eve and she has been busy setting everything up. I said 'Don't panic,' in my most calming of voices. I said 'I will take it upon myself to write a blog post. I know it's a great faff for me what with the keyboard being so big and everything (do you know how much longer it takes to type when you are only 4 inches tall!?) but I will do it for you out of the kindness of my heart. Harriet said 'Celestine writing a blog post is not really top of the to do list right now, don't worry about it' but I insisted. I absolutely insisted.

So yes, whilst everyone has been very busy today setting up the marquee and putting decorations up and finding boxes of fairies and driving here there and everywhere, I have been practicing being a bridesmaid. You can see how well I've been practicing by these photos. Do you like my necklace? I made it especially for the wedding. It's swarovski crystal. It's extremely sparkly.

Though actually... I won't really be a real real bridesmaid at the wedding sniff sniff...

I was very upset to hear this at first. I sobbed for absolutely days. But slowly I came round to understanding the reasons why:

One is that being so much smaller than the other bridesmaids I will not be able to keep up with them as they walk down the aisle. Even if I sprint at my fastest run. (And sprinting would just look silly anyway)

Two is that there would be a high risk of me being stepped on. And that would be even worse than looking silly sprinting down the aisle. A squashed Celestine would not be a nice wedding present for Harriet.

So then I suggested that I could be on top of the wedding cake instead of being a bridesmaid. But then I realised what a boring job that would be and I decided that it would just be better for me to watch the wedding from a nice safe place. So that is what I am going to do.

Harriet says it's ok because I am still a bridesmaid in spirit and I can still have a nice bridesmaids dress to wear in the colour of my choice. I chose pink becasue it suited me best. And then today I wore my bridesmaid dress and picked some flowers from the garden and had some photos taken. It's not as good as being a real bridesmaid but it will have to do.

It's actually quite a tragic story now I think about it all. 

Ah well...

I'm getting a bit tired from all this jumping around the keyboard now so I think I will wrap this up soon.

I might write another blog post sometime though. I've quite enjoyed it. It's been cathartic to talk about my experience of not being a bridesmaid.

I'll leave you with a photo of my lovely dressing table in my (unfinished) castle. You can see my sparkly swarovski wedding necklace sitting in my jewellery box (just before I put it on today). Also, on the left, my gold cornish pisky ornament I got when we went to Cornwall last year.

Bye for now!

Love Celestine 


Saturday, 14 June 2014


One week to go until wedding!!! This time next week I will be getting ready to go to the church ahhh!  Lately I have been glittering stars and sticking them on napkins, making tartan clothes for Celestine's trip to Scotland, making hairclips for me and the bridesmaids, making fathers day cards and tiny fimo animals with the kids in my craft club, doing my tax return (how exciting!! ...But actually it is quite exciting becasue I need it done so Henry and I can start looking for a house... finally!) dummy booking for a new book I am working on which is what the character sketches above are for- they need a lot of changes though, swimming at my grandparents pool because it's been nice and sunny lately, driving to London for a housewarming party and accidentally taking the ferry across the Thames in our car becasue we got into the wrong lane- oops! Talking about cars, this week we parked our car at the supermarket, came out and the car next to ours was on fire! So now our car has to be fixed because it got all melted on one side. That wasn't such a highlight of the week... but never mind. Oh also my parents moved home the other night after five years of living in Dubai. We did a welcome home cake with silver balls on it to spell out 'welcome home.' 

It's all change around here that's for sure!

Celestine has been swimming in the pool too. She can manage about one width. Sometimes two if she's feeling particularly energetic! For such a tiny person it must seem very very deep. I think she's very brave to swim in there.

Monday, 2 June 2014

Cornwall Candids or Celestine's Boating Adventures

I recently for some reason (I can't remember why) looked back through lots of the photos I took last year when we went to Cornwall. I discovered a few photos I hadn't posted here before which I rather like. They're kind of candids as they have hands and things in them but I quite like that! 

Oh I love Cornwall so much!!! 

One evening Celestine wanted to go boating down the stream on the beach so my friend Sian and I went down there to take photos of her. That's Sian's hand in the picture, setting the boat into the stream. It's a very nice, quite gentle stream with some rapid-y btits and it goes all the way down to the sea. It's a lot of fun for a tiny person such as Celestine!

Here she is on the same stream in a different (safer!) boat.

On this day we spent all day on the next beach over, sitting in the sunshine and surfing and picnicing. One of our friends dug a hole so deep that when he stood in it it was over his head! Henry did his essay and got a sandy laptop. I remember it being a nice day.

in the evening Henry and I walked back over the cliffs while the others went back in the car...

We stopped for a while at a different beach on the way home and Celestine did some more boating. Here I am putting her and her boat in the stream at the very top of the beach.

Here's a small rock pool (below) which was Celestine's favourite swimming spot. Just perfect for a tiny person. It was her own personal miniature lagoon!

And now here is a fiercer, deeper stream on the next beach over. Celestine had to use her more sturdy boat so as not to capsize- though she almost did anyway. It was a faster, rockier ride with rapids. She looks a little trepadated/suspicious about it (below)

I can't wait to come back here again!!! It's my favourite place ever!