Monday, 22 February 2010

The Cupcake Palace

Here's my character again, inside her Cupcake Palace.  This is one of the pages from my book and there's writing to go on it too.  

I got totally inspired over the summer by Scott Hoves Cake Land.  I especially like these shoes:
I think my character would have probably have worn shoes like these in her younger days.

Friday, 19 February 2010

Princess Terribelle and the Wellington Boot

I got this in the post yesterday, found it on amazon for 1p or something.  I used to read it a lot when I was little but don't know where my copy of the book went.

It made me so happy to read it again!  (It used to be one of my favourite books.)

The story is about Princess Terribelle who was mostly very good but sometimes she was bad.  She lives in a Palace and sleeps every night on fourteen mattresses and five pillows.  One day she gets taken for tea with the Duchess and her daughter Arabel. 
Arabel has lots of dolls and Princess Terribelle becomes obsessed with this tiny pair wellington boots that she finds among the doll clothes.  She loves them so much that she slips one of them into her pocket and takes it home.
But Princess Terribelle feels a little bit guilty and she also discovers that it's not so much fun playing with just one boot.
Anyway then one day Arabel come round for tea and Princess Terribelle hides the little wellington boot, hoping that Arabel has forgotten about it.  At the end of the evening Arabel slips a package to Terribelle and inside it is the other boot.  Then they become best of friends and all is happy and wonderful and Terribelle never bosses Arabel about again. The end.

I think I used to love it so much because I was also obsessed with tiny things.  I think I liked the way Princess Terribelle imagined that the boots were fairy boots. I remember writing tiny letters and putting them in the garden for the fairies when I was small. And totally believing a fairy would find them!
Right now my life is tartan royalty, glitterlashes, drinking raspberry tea, wearing tiaras round the house, drawing chandeliers and red nail varnish.

I'm working on the pages of my kids book at the moment and it's HARD. Hard to wake up with motivation for it every day, especially as we had a crit the other day and the tutors just pulled it all apart.  But just gotta keep going! I might post some images from it soon though. I'd post one now but it's all pink and would clash with this red-orientated post.  

Til next time! x

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Dripping Glitter

This is my favourite illustration I did of this character (looks a lot better if you click on it).  She has black line around her this time,  I was experimenting with black line/no black line as usual.  

I would so dearly love to be able to make my hair do that but I don't have enough of it yet.  I think I would need to be at least waist length to make that work.   I have always wanted hair down to my feet actually.  I'm growing it at the moment.  Heres hoping!

Now she's angry.  ^  She can be quite fierce when she's cross. In fact she can get quite... murderous.  I wouldn't want to cross her in this mood!

This by the way is what I am coveting at the moment.  This sparkling, rainbow dripping with gems necklace.  I detour by the shop it's in every day so that I can look at it in the window.  It makes my mouth water.
It's designed by Butler and Wilson who make the best jewellery ever!  I have a tiara by them and its my favourite thing to wear!  Are you a fan of this?  My housemate would say "it looks like Barbie's been sick on it," because that is what she said about my tiara. But I think the glitterier the better!

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Character Design

This character lives in a house of cake with pale pink walls and silver balls round the windows.  She bakes lots of cakes for her bakery but likes to abstain from eating too many cupcakes herself, which is why she is so skinny.  She just likes the look of the things. Especially the mountains of pastel coloured icing.
This couple- Duke Cornelius Crumpet and Duchess Cornelius Crumpet like to attend the tea parties in the cake house though the Duke is a grump who does not like socializing.  He just goes for the food.

These two are party animals.  They attend at least five social events per week.  They live in a black castle of which half is closed up and in ruins. They have three pet bats called Cuthbertina, Benjamina and Thomasina who live in the dark red curtains of their massive four poster bed.  They also have a black cat called Ginkgo Jellyboots who has a white star on his nose and who is afraid of mice.

Saturday, 13 February 2010

Pookie the Rabbit with Wings

'Pookie' by Ivy Wallace was one of my favourite favourite ever books when I was little. I just thought that a rabbit with wings was such a great idea!  Or such a nice idea at least.  Probably not very practical!  I love the way Pookie is drawn though, so that the bottom half of his body is kind of ball-like.  I think he is one of the best stylized rabbits in kids books ever!
 Pookie lives in Bluebell wood where there are lots of fairies and elves and other animals and one day (before his wings grow big and are just tiny flimsy things) he sets out to seek his fortune.  Eventually he meets a girl who takes him in and looks after him and his wings blossom and he is happy.  And then he continues to go on adventures!
This picture ^ is from 'Pookie Puts the World Right,' where he tells Winter to go away because he is mean and destructive.  Then he has to go on a mission to find Winter and apologize because he realises that nature can't function properly without one of the seasons.

Among his adventures Pookie takes a trip to the seaside in one book...

Goes to Wonderland...

And gets captured by the circus. (I think this one was my very favourite)

Does anyone else remember these books? I found them totally entrancing!

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Magic Cats

I saw these cats in someones front garden as I was walking home in a snowglobe last night, snowflakes, eyelashes.  They were drinking peppermint tea and eating stripy cakes. I think they were magic cats.

Monday, 8 February 2010

Crayon Portraits

The other night me and my boyfriend drew pictures of each other because we like to do fun things like that, and other fun things such as making jigsaw puzzles and playing backgammon and taking romantic walks in the graveyard and cross stitching and saute cooking and jumping on bouncy castles. Well maybe not the cross stitching.

I like his crayon pink rabbit best.

Its been so long since I used colouring pencils.
I especially like it when they are in rainbow order.