Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Celestine goes camping!

Over the summer we went on a camping trip with some friends down in Cornwall. I hadn't been camping for years and years so was a little nervous about how I was going to cope (haha, I don't pack light) but I really reeeeally wanted to go to Cornwall and it was the only way we could afford to go. 

...and I am so glad we went! Firstly because I now know I can still do camping and secondly because it was worth putting up with the discomforts of camping to be in my favourite place in the whole world. Also I think I captured one of my best Celestine photo sets ever.

Celestine was very excited that we were going camping. The first thing she did was order a new wardrobe of clothes to be made that would colour coordinate with her tent. Isn't she vain!

I have to admit, she did have a much better set up than us. She even brought a washing line - now that's forward planning! I'll let you into a secret though, those clothes aren't actually wet. Celestine is just very proud of her dresses and likes to display them so that people can walk by and admire her impeccable fashion taste. Sneaky I know.

Here's the whole campsite from up on the hill. You can see the sea in the background! It's just a short walk away from the campsite. It's a pretty basic campsite (as in very basic facilities) but it you like that back-to-nature kind of thing then it's perfect. 

This was our tent. It was the most basic tent on the campsite! We borrowed it from a friend - thank you Adam, and it worked fine for what we needed it for.  But everyone else on the campsite, well, they had all sorts of fancy things. Fairylights, fire pits, flags, proper little kitchen set ups... one person even had a fake brick wall set up outside their tent! We don't usually go camping so we didn't have any of the gear. 

The first evening was so nice and sunny. We went and ate our dinner on the beach.

Then we snuggled down in our tent to go to sleep. Not very comfortably because Henry's air bed had a puncture and deflated as soon as he lay on it! We bought another one the next day.

Celestine was comfortable though at least...

One evening we had a campfire on the beach and had a bbq down there.

Celestine had her own fire of course. She made tiny s'mores.

We had s'mores too. Sort of. I know they are not the proper American ones but we did our best!

I love love love this place! 

Celestine adores the beach. One of her favourite things to do is to row her little boat around the rockpools and lagoons. She had a new boat to use this summer. I painted it red for her.

Other things we did in Cornwall were: eat cream teas and pasties. Surfing! Well, bodyboarding... I wish I could have done more bodyboarding while I was there. We went to Newquay and Padstow and Truro as well. 

Celestine had her own mini pasty:

Cream tea:

Unfortunately the holiday was cut short by one day because we got absolutely rained out of the tent. We woke up in puddles of water and the tent was soaked through. There was no way we could stay the last night because everything was so wet. We just had to pack up and leave straight away in the morning. And then it rained and rained all the way home. I guess that's the downside of camping!

Still, it was worth it for all the other nice days we had there. 

I can't wait to go back again! (not camping next time though haha)

p.s. Here is Celestine's new boat before I painted it. I bought it back in April at a miniatures fair in Newark. It's made by Homestead Dollshouse Miniatures. I varnished it and painted it so that it could go in the water. Also next to it is a miniature dragon which Celestine bought in Padstow because there's a bear shop there which sells miniature animals. It's made by Deb Canham.

and one more of Celestine boating in the lagoon. I loved that lagoon so so much! I love how smooth and glassy the water looks.

So that was our camping trip!

Monday, 31 August 2015


A few weeks ago we went to Marmaris in Turkey with Henry's Mum. Celestine came too of course. She was excited to go for a hot holiday in the sun. She made sure she was kitted out with all the right things for a place like Marmaris. Sunglasses, sundresses, bathing suit, a plastic beach bag... and of course her passport. Here she is waiting for the plane in the airport.

As we flew it got dark quickly because of the time difference. Celestine enjoyed looking out of the plane window.

We arrived in Dalaman airport and took the dolmus to Marmaris. We were pretty tired by the time we got to our hotel at around midnight. This was the view from our hotel balcony when we arrived. It wasn't exactly quiet... but then what do you expect from Marmaris? it's a party place. 

Above is Henry's Mum, looking glamourous on the boat trip. I have a very glamourous mother-in-law. Celestine was jealous of her heart sunglasses (I'll have to try and make some miniature ones for her). The boat trip was nice and relaxing because we just sat on the top deck on cushions and chatted and had drinks and jumped in and out of the sea when the boat stopped in various different bays.

In Marmaris the air smells of suncream and cigarettes and it is also hot, hot, HOT. So hot! It was too hot to do anything in the day really apart from lie around on sunbeds or go on a boat trip. It was even too hot to lie on the beach really. We tried that one day but ended up going back to sit by the hotel pool. The sand at the beach is burning hot and you either hop across it really fast or wear your shoes! You spend the days just dipping in and out of water all the time to try and cool down and you absolutely live in your bikini. I put mine on every day straight after breakfast and didn't take it off until the evening time!

Here's Henry jumping off the boat on one of the boat trips we went on. (We went on two because Henry's Mum's boyfriend works on the boat!) 

Celestine on the boat trip. It was lucky they heard she was coming and provided her with her own miniature bottles of coke to drink. Everyone seems to drink coke in Marmaris. It's like the new water. In every restaurant you see tables and tables of people with the coke glass bottles, drinking from them with straws. Celestine did not want to be left out.  

We had lots of meals out. Here's Celestine about to tuck into a burger and chips. The chef had to make the burger tiny for her. It's not hard to find food like that in Marmaris. There are signs all over the place for 'full english breakfast!' and 'burger and chips!' You have to hunt a little harder to find the authentic turkish food which is mine and Henry's favourite. 

 Celestine enjoyed sunbathing on the beach under the shade of her own little parasol.

Let's just talk about the ice cream because Turkish ice cream is hands down the best I have ever tasted. Usually I'm not fussed by ice cream but Turkish ice cream I cannot get enough of. It's a different texture, kind of chewier and less creamy and it stretches like chewing gum. It is absolutely delicious and I love it so so much! Especially the combination of blackcurrant and chocolate.

Here are some snaps from one of the boat trips. We stopped in some really beautiful bays with clear aqua water. It was so nice to be able to hop into the sea and swim about. Henry brought his flippers and goggles so he could do underwater swimming.

I want to go back!!

One night we went to a really nice restaurant called the Love Boat in the neighbouring town of Icmeler. The food was deleicious and presented so fancily. This was just the starter I had (below right) when I ordered a prawn cocktail.

One thing about Marmaris is that everyone rides scooters. The streets are full of people scooting about. Celestine was quite envious of everyone on their scooters. She has such small legs that she thought that if she had a scooter she would be able to get about so much faster. Well, as luck would have it (I am not making this up!) they sold miniature scooters in the shop next to our hotel! They only cost a couple of pounds! All different colours. Celestine chose red because it matched her sunglasses.

I even did a little video of Celestine whizzing about on her scooter. Press play below.


I was so chuffed about finding that scooter! 

Here's a snap of Celestine by the hotel pool. I miss just sitting by the pool with Henry and his Mum and relaxing and ordering food to eat on the sunbed.

 We ate at one of the Turkish restuarants quite a few times (below right.) 

 One night Henry's Mum's boyfriend organised a meal for us on the boat with all sorts of different delicious foods. Grilled aubergine and salad and chips and chicken and turkish pizza and some beany thing and other things I can't remember. It was really nice. 

Here we are all together on the boat!

It was such a nice holiday! I only wish we had had a bit more time there. We went for five days. Most of all though, we just really really enjoyed spending time with Henry's Mum and all being there together on holiday. It was so fun and relaxing. Hopefully we will all be able to go there again together one day.

Celestine enjoyed herself too. She really got into the sunbed-lying, cocktail-drinking, beach-lazing mode and she loved her leopard print dress and sparkly red sunglasses which fitted in just perfectly in Marmaris.

See our last trip to Marmaris here.