Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Vinetta in Cornwall

Last week we went on holiday to Cornwall for an autumn/winter break as I mentioned on my 'professional' blog. I actually love going to Cornwall at this time of year becasue the beaches are empty of people and it feels very cosy. We went to the beach, had hot chocolate and pasties and cream tea and took Celestine to the aquarium in Newquay which she loved. It was so sweet to watch her being fascinated by the fish. Vinetta came too of course and went adventuring down at the beach, rowing in the rockpools and scrambling over the rocks. They are like lakes and mountains to her! We had pretty good weather considering the time of year and lots of nice evening sunshine - my favourite to take photos in! It was a lovely and relaxing break and I loved having just a little bit of time to do some miniature photography down there on my favourite beach - Pollyjoke!

Happy (belated) Halloween

Here is Vinetta's Halloween costume for this year. She prefers glam over spooky so she dressed as a sparkling white witch! I actually made this little dress a week before my baby was born last year but then ended up being too exhausted and heavily pregnant to get around to doing a photo shoot with it. It was going to be a Christmas fairy dress. It sat on my shelf all year long, occasionally winking at me with it's little stars and glitters until I thought to get it down for Halloween. So here it is!

Off she went into the dark night to her Halloween party which was held inside a pumpkin.

The next day she relaxed in her cosy bed to recover!

Friday, 3 November 2017

My Miniature Isadora Moon Kitchen

I had a craving to make a 3d Isadora Moon set for a while. I thought it would be nice to take around to events with me - an object for the children to look at. I am pleased that I managed to find time to do it! To read in more detail about it you can visit this post on my other blog.

Saturday, 2 September 2017


Back into the forest for some foraging! I am not usually too fussed about forests, I much prefer hills and beaches but there is something really peaceful about this one and I love it.

Monday, 28 August 2017

Catch Up!

Hello!! It's been a while. I don't even know where to start!

I haven't updated here for a while as firstly I have been having some kind of pain with my hand (rsi or tendonitis or something...) so I have been resting it and trying not to type too much for the last month or so (which is also why this post might not be very word heavy...) Also I have another professional blog which is part of my new website which I HAVE been updating book related stuff on!

Above is the flower crown I made for wearing at events. I took it up the hills to photograph one evening. We have been going on lots of countryside walks lately. I even saw some glow worms at dusk!

I think that I will keep this blog more for personal stuff, my miniatures etc and other hobbies. So I will catch up on that here. Though I don't really know if there's much point as I don't think people read blogs that much anymore but I still feel a need to keep it up to date! I think instagram is more where it's at. I am very active on instagram actually. You can find me HERE:

So on to the more 'lifey' stuff.

we had a WONDERFUL holiday in Aldeburgh with our friends Luke and Becky. I had never been to Suffolk before! We saw lots of brightly colored houses, pebbly beaches, went to Southwold, ate fish and chips and chocolate pate, went boating, watched the miniature boats on the boating lake, played games, sat on the beach and all the other things you do on a very British holiday! Also spotted Isadora Moon in Aldeburgh and Southwold.

Celestine had her christening! And her dress was made from my wedding dress. Henry's dad made her a fairy castle cake.

We have been foraging a lot lately...

I have been having blackberries in my porridge!

And just to finish with two little miniatures! One I made and one I love!