Sunday, 9 August 2015

Celestine at the pool (+ my instagram account!)

Yesterday was such a nice sunny day. I was supposed to be working but I have been working so so much lately (Like every single second!) that I thought (hoped!) a quick break would probably be quite productive... 

So we decided to go swimming at my grandparents pool.

Celestine refused to come unless I made her a pair of sunglasses to match her swimsuit. Honestly! (roll eyes) She does insist on being fashionable at all times. I tell you, it can get quite exhausting.

So I quickly made this pair of yellow sunglasses and she perched them on her head. The lenses are made from a ginger beer bottle!

She enjoyed floating about in her new rubber ring.

See how small she is! ^ (Celestine not me haha)

And it was very nice. 

Then Celestine decided to do some sunbathing. So she put her sunglasses... 

on her EYES. 

Like one is supposed to. (sunglasses are not just a fashion accessory for wearing on the head Celestine)

And she got the shock of her life. Because they looked awful. Absolutely awful.

Not fashionable at all.

They really didn't suit her. I thought she looked quite comical.

She wasn't very impressed with them. But she said she will keep them for wearing on her head as they do match her yellow swimsuit with the ruffles. 

So that was something at least. 


Now moving on... Instagram! I finally have my own instagram account. Long story short, Henry got a new phone last week so I am having his old one to use for instagram! (my phone is practically prehistoric and can not do fancy things like instagram)

Here's my account if you are interested in following: LINK

I am going to try and upload there quite often as I realise I have not been updating my blog much lately. It's just easier and quicker to upload little posts on instagram when you don't have time for blogging.

Just to say though I have no intention of stopping blogging. I just have absolutely no time to do it right now. I have so so much work on this summer and blog posts take quite a while to get together. I cannot WAIT until I have more time to make proper blog posts though. I have SO much stuff to blog about! Celestine's trip to Turkey, Celestine's camping trip, all my Witch's Cat book stuff.... and hopefully I will be able to blog about them soon. But for now... you're most likely to find me on instagram!

See you soon!



Stephanie said...

Your post made me smile and chuckle a couple of times at Celestine in her bathing suit floating away from you, her cute sunglasses. It is almost as though she is alive and real when actually she is just a doll. She has lots of character. So cute! Busy times for you.

Plushpussycat said...

Beautiful photos! It's great seeing you and Celestine on Instagram--and so much fun! Blogging is great for when there's time, but Instagram is definitely faster and super fun too. xo Jennifer

Jackie M said...

Great photos and love Celestine's sunglasses and swimsuit! Glad you're not going to stop blogging but fully realise how time consuming it must be and will enjoy looking at your Instagram posts, thank you for the link. Jackie x