Monday, 27 April 2009

Milk the Glitter Monster

We have been creating monsters for one of our next projects which has actually been really hard! I underestimated how difficult it would be to invent something that looks original and I still havn't cracked it!This is a glitter monster. You would find it in ugly, desolate, dark places where it will do it's best to breathe a bit of life into the place. Compositionally it's not quite right because of that curvy black pipe that looks like it's coming out of it's nose! Also I am not sure it really fits in well with the surrounding. It's head/face is apparantly too cutesy as well. twee, whatever you want to call it. ALSO the collage isn't that great. I was quite pleased with this until I went to my crit but now I see all the flaws and I don't like it so much any more!My tutors preferred these:I am thinking I might do a book, concertina book, poster of ink blot monsters now instead?!


I meant to put these up ages ago but have had so much work to do! Over Easter I went on a retreat to Ampleforth Abbey and I drew and drew and drew until I had drawings coming out of my ears! It was such a good four days though!

Sunday, 5 April 2009

Pictures in the tiles

You know when you're absent-mindedly staring at the wall or carpet or whatever and suddenly you realise there's all these people and animals and faces jumping out at you? Well for my new project I decided to draw the faces I can see in the bathroom tiles. I have actually changed my idea since this morning when I was doing all that but I thought I'd post a few up here anyway.

I really like this little guy ^