Sunday, 15 November 2009

Tea with the Queen

I went to Sandringham the other week to visit the Queen! Or the Queens estate in Norfolk anyway. I was hoping she would be there to have tea with us but she wasn't. Maybe next time! The rooms and furniture inside the Palace were SO beautiful, all gold and white and jade and rose quartz. I want to live there! There were clocks everywhere, and a gold sword encrusted with rubies.

I've been drawing in a lot of very very nice posh places recently to gather research for my book. I want to get as much detail as possible! Here are some of my sketches:You know what I've been watching lately, In preparation for Christmas? The Grinch! It's one of my absolute favourite films! I love the way that the Whos live inside a snowflake. But my all time best best bit is where Martha May Whovier stands outside her house and starts firing a gun at it. She's wearing this really cool sexy santa outfit and lines of fairylights shoot out of the gun and all over her house! Apparantly they sell fairylight guns in Cyberdog now but I don't think they're quite the same!What's your favourite Christmas film? Mine's a tie between The Hogfather, The Snowman and The Grinch!

Monday, 9 November 2009

Rag Boy

I've been working on character design for my kids book that I am illustrating at the moment. I don't really want to write too much about it because ultimately I want to get it published (I've been working on it for three years now! It's my baby!) This is why I haven't updated much lately because I'm wary about putting it on the internet. Here's a teeny tiny sneak preview of the first draft for one of the characters: On Sunday I went to Starbucks in Norwich and sat at the bar thing at the window where you can see all the people sitting outside. Had to draw them quite quickly because they kept moving and leaving. Here are my top three favourite looking people that I saw:
I love deep deep brackets, wish I had them:
This guys friend left a WHOLE peach and pomegranite frapucino on the table:
It's weird, these people will never know they're immortalized on paper from that morning. It's like photography, I always wonder how many random tourist photographs that I'm in the background of without knowing.

Me and my friend Bruno (who does 3d animation) are going to make a book about a little rag boy who goes on some kind of adventure round London. We havn't quite decided on the story yet. This is a really quick first sketch I did of the little rag boy while we were talking about ideas over msn:
I really like the colours orange and black together at the moment. It's probably something to do with Halloween just gone and all those pumpkins!
This^ was my favourite carved pumpkin I saw this year! (by Rebecca Poole) Cat shapes are cool. I love them.

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Cake Anyone?

Yes it's more cake, I need to start drawing other things. Cupcakes are so in fashion at the moment though and to be fair this is only a very small part of another much much bigger project. (which ISN'T all about cake) You will see at the end of the year!Anyway, as you can see (above) I have been practicing drawing things NOT using black line because usually I outline EVERYTHING. I'm quite pleased with some of the results :)These ones (above) do have black line. You can see the difference. I have been experimenting with it, seeing what looks better. I'd be grateful for any comments on this subject!

Have you ever been to Candycakes in London? It's an amazing cupcake shop! This is the window display there:They have flavours like lemon poppyseed and chocolate fudge and everything is brightly coloured- it's an explosion for your eyes! You get them in a box like this:(Actually to be honest the second time I had a cake from here it wasn't that great but I think it's worth going to just for the window display and colours. Its like Willy Wonka land!)

On that same day we also went to Fortnum and Masons in London and walked past a load of patisserie kind of shops:The window displays in Fortnum and Masons were wicked!Inside the shop though I was shocked to see they were selling OVEN ROASTED TARANTUALAS!!! They looked horrible! And also chocolate covered ants and scorpians inside lollies. Weird. Everything was already decorated for christmas. There were boxes of crackers for five HUNDRED pounds! Haha bit out of my price range!
Designer cupcakes, frog king cupcakes, halloween cupcake, flamingo cupcakes...

And here's another example of where I have been experimenting with not using black line. You can definitely see the difference where i have done the tray of hearts at the bottom with and without:I think I prefer the ones without black line. What do you think?

I promise my next post will not be as sickly as this one!