Sunday, 23 October 2011

3d illustration

In my last post I promised that I would share a few of my favourite 3d illustrated books with you.  So here goes.

The first is a book by an illustrator whose work I discovered whilst at Bologna Children's Book Fair.  She is a Korean artist called Baek Hee-na and I find her work so inspiring.  I especially love her book 'Cloud Bread' (below) which I own in french. (It's not published in English and I thought that I had a better chance of understanding it French than I would in Korean.)

The story is about a couple of little cats who go out one day and find a bit of cloud.  They take the cloud home and their mother bakes it into bread for them... 

...And when they eat the bread they realise that it can make them fly!

And the story goes on to show how the two little cats help their dad get to work on time by getting him out of a traffic jam and giving him some cloud bread so that he can fly to work.  It's a really cute story and so cleverly done with cut out paper models and photography.  I just love it!

And here below is a picture from another book by the same artist called 'Moon Sorbet.'  To be honest I don't understand all of 'Moon Sorbet' because it's in Korean and I can't read it.  But I kind of get the jist.  I should probably try and get someone to translate it for me sometime!  What I do know is that it's all to do with the moon melting and a load of creatures who live in an apartment block.  Anyway the pictures are fascinating!

Second is a book illustrated by Oyvind Torseter, a Norwegian illustrator.  'Eg Er Ein Frosk.' It's so clever the way he creates all his scenes by making models and characters out of paper.  This book was a nightmare to get hold of.  I couldn't find it anywhere to buy on the internet from England and so in the end had to get my Finnish friend to buy it for me online and bring it over the next time she visited England.  It was definitely worth it though, I have't seen anything else like it in the UK book shops.  Very unusual. And how cute is the little frog girl character!

The third book I want to share with you is called 'The House That Mouse Built' and is illustrated by Maggie Rudy.  I first discovered her work when she became blog of note a while back-  I was absolutely entranced by all her little mouse world creations and so when she published a book I snapped it up straight away! I have always be fascinated by tiny things and dolls houses etc so this was right up my street.

Lastly is 'The Princess and the Pea,' by Lauren Child.  You may have already heard of this book, it seems to be quite popular.  Unlike all of the above books it is a mixture of both paper cut outs and real 3d dolls house furniture.  It has some really charming scenes in it.

What are your thoughts on this sort of illustration?