Sunday, 26 February 2012

Snow White

 During the week of the exhibition I spent a lot of time in London.  And a looot of time in the bookshop Foyles (where the exhibition was)  Lucky for me I really love Foyles and could spend all day in there looking at books. The other great thing about it is that its just round the corner from my other favourite shop Forbidden Planet! Yes I am a geek. I love all that stuff.

So on Thursday (it was the day of the private view) I went into London early and popped into Forbidden Planet beforehand.

And what a surprise I had!  Oh I love it so much when this happens!  You walk into a shop just expecting to have a little mosey around when what do you see? A new book (that you didn't even know was coming out) by one of your favourite illustrators sitting on the shelf right in front of you!  In this case it was Camille Rose Garcia's Snow White.  I was so excited. I snapped it up right away!
This is such a beautiful book. I recommend it to anyone who likes a bit of goth. I just love the spiky characters, the stripes and the technicolours.  It's just fabulous fabulous fabulous!  I read the whole thing on the train going home from the private view.  It was one of those books that gave me a tight feeling in my throat because every page was just so wonderful! Camille Rose Garcia paints like no one else I have ever seen before!  I just love that wicked Queen's green and black striped hair.

Also as you can see, every page is so nicely designed even down to the font style and size and the borders and patterns round the pictures. Quite a lot of the writing and patterns are done in gold too. Very shiny!

The story by the way is the original Grimm's fairytale.  And it does have a rather Grim ending!  This isn't the sugarcoated disneyesque version of Snow White.

So yes, to cut a long story short I was as pleased as punch to find this little treasure!  I just had to share it with you.

Let me know what you think!


At last! Something new and un related to my exhibition!

I made this little ballerina birthday card for my friend Sian whose birthday it was the other week.  I partly made it because I know Sian loves dancing and partly because I had an urge to create a character who was wearing a tutu.

I thought you might be interested to see the process I went through to make this image so I took a few shots along the way...

This ballerina started out with brown hair and pencil lines.
cutting out carefully...
the tutu is made from scrunched up tulle/netting.
I hope you like her, I want to make more!

What have you been up to this week?  Henry and I have been to Derby to visit his mother.   We went shopping and bought clothes for Dubai, we ate chocolate ganache and scampi and chips, we went to a really old pub and had a drink (fizzy water with lemon for me), we went to the park and walked the dog and we watched lots of episodes of 'Pulling' and a few films (one called 'The secret window' which was really good and had Johnny Depp in it.)  I definitely feel nicely relaxed now!

Hope you're having a wondeful weekend too, 

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

My last 'exhibition' post. (I promise!)

So my exhibition has now come to an end! I can't believe how fast it all went!

Here are a last few close ups of my sets which were on display there:

Little cat girl swinging on the hoover.
Little cat girl's books and cuddly toys and fort.
Little cat girl's bed.
The bathroom sink where all the potions and perfumes are.
I quite like how they all look photographed so close up.  In real life everything in these pictures is dollhouse size.  All made of paper and fabric.

Last weekend my family all came to see the exhibition which was really nice. Even my grandmother and  couple of my uncles came over from Oxford to see it.  We all met in London and had a chinese in China Town and then spent the afternoon in Foyles looking at the exhibition and the books.
It was also really nice that so many of my friends came to see it too! It was so nice bumping into them all on the Saturday especially as I didn't know half of them were going to be there!

Also thank you to everyone who wrote nice things in my 'comments' book! :)

So that's that really.  Exhibition is over which means my MA is officially over now too.  Gotta start earning some proper moneys!

Hope you're all having a nice pancake day.  I just ate mine with nutella.  Pancake day always reminds me of Mrs Pepperpot.  Did you ever read Mrs Pepperpot.  She's a little old woman who seems to shrink at the most inconvenient times and has lots of adventures.  And she's always making her husband pancakes for dinner!

Pancake day also means the beginning of lent.  Are you giving anything up this year?  I am going to try and give up facebook, twitter, pinterest and tumblr.  I just waste too much time on them. I'm just going to allow myself ten minutes of them every day and that's it (don't want to completely fall off the radar!)  I'm going to try and read more in my spare time instead.  I went to the library and got out a ton of books to read yesterday. So no excuses for me!

Love and Lemon juice

Wednesday, 15 February 2012


If you are a follower of my blog then you'll know that last year for valentines day I made Henry a tiny little illustrated book. See it here!

Well this year I decided to make volume two!  It if full of tiny drawings of us together and of all the things we like.  On the left pages are the things that Henry likes and on the right pages are the things that I like.

In our Halloween costumes this year
Henry is a writer. I am an illustrator.
He loves reading Batman comics. I love Scary Godmother.
Us on the snow day this year.
More snow day.

....And Henry drew me this lovely card and bought me white and pink roses.

Apparently this is our future home.  A swimming pool? Yes please!
Altogether a very nice Valentines day!  I hope yours was too!

Love and red roses

Friday, 10 February 2012

More Exhibition

On Tuesday we set up the exhibition in Foyles.  It was a busy day.  There was lots of painting and scraping and pinning and bluetacking to be done!  Here's how my board turned out.  I was lucky to get a nice big plinth so that I could display my 3d sets properly.  I'm very pleased with how the whole thing turned out. 

Victoria Stitch was very pleased to be on exhibition in London!
My postcards and business cards.
Last night it was the private view.  I think everyone was a little nervous before hand.  It was exciting to have so many people come and see our work!

When I left the private view at about nine o clock it was snowing again!  I had to walk through the blizzardly weather to the tube station and then get the train from Kings Cross back to home. It was nice to look out of the window and see the snowy landscape flying by.  Henry kindly came out to meet me at the station so that I wouldn't have to drive home on my own (even though he'd already put his pyjamas on!) I'm not very brave when it comes to driving in the snow.

more snow!
 So that's what I've been up to this week!

There's still time to go and visit the exhibition if you want to! It's on until the 15th of Feb in Foyles bookshop in London.  LINK

Have a spiffy weekend!

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

black frames/white snow

The other day i was thinking about how to display my work for the exhibition.  I came up with this great idea of having my Victoria Stitch pictures displayed in black gothicky intricate frames.

However.... easier said than done!

I looked EVERYWHERE for black gothicky ornate frames and found barely anything.  I even took a trip to TKMaxx. Nothing!  It was very disappointing.

So... I decided to draw frames for my pictures instead! And you can see my results above.  I'm pretty pleased with them if I do say so myself.  I think Victoria Stitch is too.  Being framed makes her feel important.

In other news, as I'm sure you'll have noticed... It's been snowing!  On Sunday Henry and I got the sledge out of the garage and went across the country to my grandparents for lunch.

Barney (the dog) came too of course.  We dressed him in his reindeer outfit to keep warm.  For a brief few minutes we attached his lead to the sledge so that he was pulling it along.  It was funny because he was dressed as a reindeer.  He didn't seem to mind.

me being pulled up the hill by Henry
After lunch we made an igloo in my grandparents garden.  We only half finished it though.  It got a bit cold and boring after a while.

Walking back home it was twilight.  The sky was so many colours.  On one side it was bright orange fading to pink and then purple and then bright blue.  With the fields of snow lying underneath it really looked magical. I love the way snow glows in the half light.

I hope you had a fun snow day too!

snowman we saw
Love and Snowflakes