Monday, 15 July 2013

tiny summer clothes and yellow flowers

Also, I made these pink giraffes:

Summer has finally arrived. We have been swimming lots and I have been cycling lots too. There's this really great hour long cycle route near my house and I have been doing it at least every other day.  It's such a pretty route as well which makes it good for the body and soul! In the winter I did swimming as my exercise but this is so much better. And free! Celestine came with me the other day and went adventuring among the yellow flowers.  I have made her lots of summery clothes. I am planning to make her more for our upcoming holiday to Cornwall. I was pleased to find that playmobil shoes (the rubbery ones) fit her perfectly. So she now has beach sandals. Our freezer is stuffed with ice cream. Yesterday my grandparents came over for lunch and my mum made peach and ginger ice cream.  Henry's friend came to visit at the weekend. We ate burgers and bought a beach ball and played with it in the pool.  We are still not bored of the underwater camera. My mum and I found THE wedding dress and bought it last week. It is two sizes too big so my mum is adjusting it for me but it was almost half price! I can not wait until it fits me!  I got loads of tiny swarovski stars in the post- I am going to sew them onto the wedding dress to dazzle it up even more. We have been thinking of where to go on honeymoon. I would love to go to the caribbean but we are not going to be able to afford that right now. I think being a turtle swimming around in crystal blue seas in the caribbean must be a nice life. Drawing has been stressing me out a bit lately- sometimes I feel like I can't draw Celestine's face as pretty as I want her to look. I am too obsessive over some things. 'All my good ideas are battles.' In work news I have been dummy booking and am currently set making for the sequel of Witch's Cat. 

Hope you've been having a sunny July wherever you are!

Monday, 8 July 2013

Celestine Summertime

This weekend was very hot. Celestine spent it lazing about in her own personal swimming pool made from one of those blue ice cream tubs. She drank lots of lemonade and read all her mermaid books. When the weather is like this she wishes she could just have a mermaid tail and live in the sea.

random sidenote- it just popped into my head that I dreamt about turtles last night. I dreamt I found them on the beach and took three home to live in my jewelley box.  How cruel of me!

Anyway, so Celestine did lots of swimming this weekend and so did we. I am lucky to have grandparents who have a swimming pool!  Henry and I have been swimming there every day for the past few days.  On Saturday when we went all my cousins were there too which was fun.  And splashy!

Before that on Saturday, Henry and I went to his work summer party. We wore our straw hats and drank champagne. That evening Henry made Lebanese bread and our friend came round for dinner. I had a sun headache. 

This past week I have been trying on wedding dresses!!! I love trying on wedding dresses. It's so fun!  It's funny, because I have had this exact idea of the dress I would like to wear for a long time now. My mum was going to make it for me. But then you try on the perfect dress in a shop and everything changes. It's a very strange (but nice) feeling to find the perfect dress.  I have to say though, wedding dress shopping is a huge distraction- I have found it reeeeeally hard to concentrate on my work this week. - I constantly have tulle and glitter floating in front of my eyes. Still it's got to be done sometime!

We also- after much thinking over the past few months, have decided on the flower colours for the wedding.  We went to the market and I picked out three bunches of flowers I liked. My sister arranged them in vases and voila! It was an excellent way of deciding. I spent months not being able to decide what the best colour combination would be. As soon as I actually went and looked at the flowers in the flesh it was easy.  Now we have a colour scheme.

Also- I love my new gold shes. They are so comfortable I bought four pairs! Now i won't have to buy slip on shoes for the next few years.  I find buying slip on summer shoes a bit of a chore because they never seem to fit me.  When I find a pair that does I have to take advantage of it!

Anyway, I will stop rabbiting on about weddings now. It's just that it is at the forefront of my mind at the moment for some reason. Probably all that wedding dress shopping!

Here's another sketch of Celestine sunning herself by the pool.  In fact I think this is exactly what she is planning to do today...