Sunday, 18 August 2013

I am a Witch's Cat (cover)

Hello! What's that above picture? I hear you ask. Well my friends, it is the cover of my first picture book published by HarperCollins!  It is now up on various sites but not yet available to buy.  From what I can tell (I'm not sure why I don't know this but hey ho) It should be out around June time next year.  That's what it says the release date is on these various websites anyway. So that is very exciting! I am very excited! It feels like I have been waiting so long for this.  And I know there's still quite a long wait but it's getting smaller by the day!  And seeing it online, on proper book websites like Amazon and Barnes and Noble etc makes it feel so much more real. 

So yes, EXCITED!

Currently I still working really hard on the sequel to this picture book at the moment but I am also really looking forward to going on holiday in two weeks. We are going to Cornwall with some friends and I can not WAIT! Just take me to the ocean now please! Celestine is looking forward to it too. 

Here she is wearing some of her holiday clothes in anticipation.  And also with a bar of tiny chocolate. It's almost small enough for her!  I've never seen an edible bar of chocolate so small before.

And here are a very few snap shots of work in progress for my Witch's Cat sequel that I am working on at the moment.  Only very much close ups of things as I assume I am not really allowed to share much of it.

As you can probably tell it is Halloween themed again. I think with a character like Witch's Cat it has to be really. 

So what else has been going on?  Not a lot apart from work at the moment.  Although Henry and I have decided on our Honeymoon next year which we are very exited about. We were thinking Croatia...Turkey...Greece... and then thought, no, let's not go somewhere where it's bound to be hot and sunny and we can eat ice cream and swim in the sea- let's go to Scotland! And stay in a remote little cottage... on an island...  But seriously, I can't wait! Scotland is so beautiful even if the weather is unpredictable.  I plan to wear a tartan raincoat but I am having trouble finding one. I type tartan raincoat into ebay and all I get are dog raincoats. Still, I've got a year to find one... It's important to stay stylish I have decided- especially when one is on their honeymoon. I am going to deck Celestine out in tartan too. She can have a tartan dress, coat, jacket, trousers and maybe boots too... And I've just this minute remembered that Henry has some tartan trousers that her barely ever wears. He can whip those out and we can all be a vision in tartan- wonderful!

On that note it's probably best I wrap up this post about now.  So yes, hope everyone had a lovely weekend. Mine was wild. We ate fish and chips and watched a snippet of Harry Potter.

Until next time!