Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Little Dinosaurs

I mentioned before that I had been doing lots of work for a story idea I had involving my little dino kid characters.  I have no idea whether this story idea is going to go down well with the editor or whether it will be the story I end up using for the dino characters but it has been good to practice my flat drawings anyway! I have been working in 3d for so long now that I really don't feel I have much of a flat drawing style anymore. It's something I REALLY need to work on this year.  It's very important to me (and my career!) that I am able to draw and paint flat pictures. 

With that said, here are my very very first attempts at drawing flat scenes in a long while. (I know there is lots of room for improvement!)

Also excuse the crinkly paper in some of them. I was only using my sketchbook to practice in. Sort of regretting that now but never mind.

I plan to do lots and lots more practicing of flat pictures! It's very important to me. I hate feeling so under confident with painting them.

the kitchen scene took me the longest. Seriously I was working on it for about 3 days. and a lot of that time was spent staring at it wondering how to do the lighting. You don't have to think about lighting and depth when you make things in 3d! 

These paintings are all based on my childhood holiday place. In fact all the backgrounds are painted from photos (apart from the kitchen)  

Can you guess which part of the world these paintings are based on?

Friday, 17 January 2014

January thoughts

Celestine has been wearing her new rainbow jumper a lot lately. She's making an effort to brighten up January. And it's been working. The day after she put it on the sun came out!  

Here she is frolicking about in the woods. She does love to frolic.
At the beginning of January Henry and I went up to Nottingham to visit his Dad and Gran. We took his Gran out for the day for her birthday. We thought she might like to visit the dolls house emporium in Derbyshire so we drove there. (wasn't even my idea honest!) I had never been there either and I really enjoyed going too as I've bought things from their catalogue for years. It was nice to see the actual shop and headquarters and look at all the displays. I bought this little snowman mug for Celestine. She can have it as a Christmas present this year haha. Always the forward planner. Well there's no point in giving her a snowman mug in January is there!   

Actually it was a good thing we went to The Dolls House Emporium shop when we did as we discovered it is closing down- would have never got to see it otherwise. My castle is from there!

After that we drove into Derby and went to a posh department store called Bennetts where we had lunch. We wanted to take her for afternoon tea really but it was the wrong time for afternoon tea. I had a smoked salmon sandwich anyway which was delightful. 
During this time Henry and I had another spate of house hunting. Occasionally we have a house hunting surge before we come up against an obstacle and realise we still can't actually get a mortgage yet for one reason or another. But anyway to cut a long story short, it helped us discover and realise where we DO want to live as soon as we can afford to buy. Which feels really nice. We both think it will be the perfect place. And in the countryside too!

I can not wait until we have our own house. Mainly because I want to put all my pictures up on the walls! And have a studio of my own instead of cramming everything into the bedroom. 
Work wise this month I have been working towards the front cover of my Witch Cat sequel and also doing a lot of work on my dino kids. I have had a new idea of a story for them and I feel very inspired! It's nice to have a bit of space and time to work on them properly and give them all my attention. I had so much work on last year that I think it gave me creative block a little bit. It's hard to be inspired and think up new ideas when you barely have enough time to get all the work you're supposed to get done done.
Also I am practicing drawing 2d pictures as I have been working in 3d for so long. It feels good to be able to just sit down and draw something on a flat piece of paper rather than have to make it all in 3d. I do need a lot of practice though. I feel very nervous about just drawing flat pictures as I haven't done it for so long.

I will upload some stuff I've been doing soon.

My friends Sian and Dave came round the other week. Sian brought her penguin who has been a promised friend for Celestine for quite a while! He took a long time to arrive in the post though. They had a pretend pink tea party together and then compared sledges. Dave brought his little lego man and we had a nice evening eating pizza and chocolate gateau and snapping photographs of our small people/creatures!

Celestine was very pleased to finally meet penguin. (She painted him a tiny mug with a penguin on it for Christmas) I think they will get on! (Below photo taken by Dave)

Now that it's January it suddenly feels like the wedding is much closer. It's now THIS year! Five months away! Before I wasn't thinking too much about it but now I am really excited. Some days I find it hard to concentrate on work becasue I get obsessed with doing wedding stuff. I have a compulsive mind where I can only focus on one thing at a time. I am aware how much stuff there is to be done. I need to gem up a lot of things too which will take ages. I did buy all the bridesmaid shoes this week though and thought of a way to sparkle them up with stars and glitter diy style! I also bought a HUGE armful of glittery roses (fake obviously!) in the post Christmas sale which are all the exact wedding colours. Very pleasing. They are quite literally dazzling. I will be keeping them to put in my future house after the wedding for sure!

This time last year Celestine was sledging! So were Henry and I. There hasn't been any snow this year actually. To make up for it I drew this little sketch of Celestine with her sledge. 
She wasn't very impressed. She said pale blue is not her colour and doesn't suit her at all. She said she wanted a tartan or leapord print coat instead. Much more stylish. So I did another version.

She was right. She does suit tartan much better!
And that's all I can think of! 

Hope you're having a great start to the year...