Friday, 21 February 2014

tiny cards and a tiny cat

Celestine has been designing and sending lots of tiny cards these last few weeks. She's been getting rather addicted to it. Here are some of the ones she has made and sent recently.

I love to think of the teeny tiny miniature cards winging their way around the world. One went to America and another even got sent to India (not sure if that one actually arrived, I hope it did!)  I always put them in a normal size envelope of course- otherwise I think they would just get lost!

Celestine was inspired after she got sent a (not as tiny but still small) card in a gold envelope from her friend Carol in Belgium.

This is is the card Celestine sent back in return. A ballerina one. It was her favourite of all the cards she made. (But that might just have been because she was wearing her pink ballerina dress at the time!)

Along with the small card for Celestine in the gold envelope Carol also sent me some books. I especially liked this one called Bulle. It is about a little girl who is called Bubble and she is so light that she has to be careful not to float away!  One day she does float away by mistake and has a little adventure but then realises her father had attached a line to her foot so she was able to come back down from space again.  A nice sentiment I think. And I love the illustrations. 

So that is that.

And now here is a silhouette-y picture of Celestine wearing her new catsuit while up in Derby visiting Henry's mum. She has been being a Witch's Cat in anticipation of my book coming out in July. 

Not premature at all....

But more on that another time.

She did actually forget to bring her pillow when we went to Derby but it was alright becasue she used a sock instead. (it was a clean one!)

Whiskers and Glitter,


Saturday, 15 February 2014

Tiny book no. 4!

Every year for Valentines day I make Henry a tiny book. He keeps them in his wallet.

Here's some pages from this years. I did it in colour this time- got slightly carried away with the glitter too!

This one documents all the things we've done together since last Valentines day.

You can see how tiny the book is from the photo above.

See last years here, the year before's here and the year before's here.

Hope you had a nice Valentines!


Friday, 14 February 2014

♥ Happy Valentines from Celestine ♥

Celestine's got a pink letter in the post but she won't say who it's from.