Tuesday, 27 May 2014

My Hen Party

Saturday afternoon was my hen party. My sister cleverly organised the whole fabulous event. And it was exactly the kind of thing I would have wanted for a hen do. Family and close friends, piña colada's in tea cups, glitter, fairies, cake and games.

The whole thing was held at my grandparents house and I am in awe of how my sister managed to organise the whole thing so well. There were fairies hanging from the ceiling, a tower of cupcakes on the table along with a big marbled chocolate gateaux cake and some cake pops. Her boyfriends mum kindly made all the cakes for us. 

In the evening my sister organised an amazing meal starting with artichoke cups filled with parma ham and quails eggs- I know, fancy! Then we had asparagus and asparagus wrapped in parma ham, cucumber sticks and carrot sticks, cheese fondue with toasted bread, steak fondue and then chocolate fondue with strawberries, marshmallows and pink merengues made by my aunt. There were a lot of fondues involved.

We played some funny games and at the end my bridesmaids gave me a really nice book with nice stuff written in it and photos etc- it's got loads of space left in it so will be the guest book for the wedding too.

Also at the end some of us went swimming in my grandparents pool. It wasn't the best weather but it meant that the pool felt warmer. In fact it was so chilly that there was steam coming off the water! Zoe (my cousin) looked like a mermaid because she had so much blue glitter and gems around her eyes.

Celestine made an appearance in her bridesmaids dress. I have made her one exactly the same as one of the real bridesmaid dresses! She had a tiny teacup of piña colada and nibbled at a cupcake both of which she very much enjoyed.

It was a lovely afternoon and evening and I am very lucky to have a sister to organize such a nice party for me! :) (she's the one in the daisy crown below!)

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Princess Kitchen and Bathroom

Here's something I worked on very recently. They are replicas of existing sets I did at the end of last year. I think they are going to be used as examples to sell the titles. It was quite strange to just do an outright copy of something I have already made once. It was quite a nice job to do actually as I didn't have to think too much about it, especially as my brain is quite occupied with wedding thoughts and dummy booking (for a different book) at the moment.

You may have seen this kitchen set on here before but this time it has characters in it. And I don't think I ever posted much of the bathroom one anyway.

Oh to have a real life bathroom like this one! Celestine is quite jealous of it and very miffed that it is only made of paper and has to be sent away.

What I like about these Princess books is that I can put as much glitter and gems and sparkles on things as I want. Golden glittery floor tiles? Why not. Gems round the toilet seat? Of course!

I think the cabinet is my favourite thing in the bathroom. I wonder what expensive and royal potions and lotions are inside all those crystal bottles...

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Some Things

It been a while since I did an inventory photo of Celestine's clothes. She sure has a lot of them! This is actually only half of them.

The yellow coat is still my favourite.

Things have been very busy and wedding-planning crazy lately. I am so excited about the wedding now- I can't believe it is so close!

Below:  That is a penguin I made for my craft club kids. Got the idea from here on Pinterest.  I have made lots of fimo animals before but I thought a penguin was probably the easiest one for kids to start with making. 

Celestine went to the beach and I painted a picture of her there though I wasn't very pleased with it so have only put it in small on here! Need to practice my flat illustration.

Peak District

This was a few weeks ago now (just before Easter) but I never got my act together to post any pictures. We visited Henry's mum in Derby and took a trip into the Peak District. It was sooo nice. I loved it!! I think I really really love nature haha. It always makes me so happy to be out in nature.

I just love big rolling hills and streams and the place we went to (Dovedale park) had both. Henry and I climbed up the biggest hill we could see which had what felt like an almost vertical side! We had to hold onto the grass to get up to the top.

Celestine enjoyed it too. She wished she had brought her little boat as there was a very nice stream. And the sun was all shining and nice and made the water sparkly. She almost dove right in for a swim!  There were stepping stones across the stream which we walked across.

We also had lunch at a pub nearby which was just bang right in the middle of countryside with stone walls around it and hills all around. It was in such a stereotypical picturesque spot that I almost felt like it couldn't be real. Pie, chips and mozzarella sticks.

I want to go back!
Here's another picture I never posted- Celestine at Easter. She had a gold egg of course. Gold is her favourite colour. It took her quite a while to eat as it was solid all the way through unlike our eggs. She managed it though. What a chore it must have been for her...

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

forget me not

Celestine loves the flowers...

Buttercups are her favourite but forget me nots come a close second as they're just the right size for her.

The bigger flowers she can pick and use as parasols.

And the really big ones she can climb inside and sit in!

Also two films I've watched and loved so far this year:

The Sea Prince and the Fire Child. Beautiful visuals. Very magical.

Ernest et Celestine. Just such a lovely (if a little bonkers) film. I LOVED it! Will definitely be watching it again at some point. Celestine is such an adorable and characterful little mouse. Great visuals too of course! Highly recommended.