Friday, 26 September 2014

Happy Birthday Celestine

Today is Celestine's birthday!

To celebrate she had a tea party with White Rabbit on Sunday afternoon- as that was when White Rabbit was free to come over. Matilda (remember her from last year?) was supposed to come but she was too hungover. She just loves whiskey too much. Really she ought to go to an AA meeting...

Celestine missed Matilda but it was nice to have a more dignified party this time. Last years got a little messy... White Rabbit was very polite except for being a bit greedy. 

Or a lot greedy actually.

Here they are at the start of the teaparty. You can see the whisky was put out ready for Matilda. (I am slightly worried why Celestine owns so many bottles of whiskey actually, I must ask her about that...)

This was the spread:

On the Saturday night I went out with friends and when I got in I iced a tiny pink cake for Celestine in the witching hour. That's now I roll nowadays on a Saturday evening.  I think it looks a little like a fondant fancy. 

On the Sunday Henrietta and I made some tiny biscuit stars and men. They came out of the oven quite puffy and I'm not sure why but they still tasted nice. They were savoury biscuits. We thought White Rabbit and Celestine had enough sweet things to be getting on with.

Then Henrietta had the marvellous idea of making tiny pancakes.

So she whipped some up...

with a lot of smoke...

But they came out ok!

White Rabbit and Celestine certainly enjoyed them.

White Rabbit, as I said before, enjoyed the food a bit too much...

He scoffed all the sweets...

and all the meringues...

 and most of everything else...

Celestine did try to suggest that he slowed down a bit in case he got indigestion. But White Rabbit is not one for listening to advice.

Then they had some birthday cake.

Celestine had quite a large slice for her tiny body.  But after all it was her birthday!

And of course White Rabbit had a much bigger slice!

And he ate it allll up.

And took some home in a napkin for Matilda. Or so he said. We think he took it to eat himself.

And then he said thank you for the lovely tea and Henrietta took him home.

And the next thing we heard was that he was suffering from terrible indigestion.

Poor White Rabbit. 

Don't worry though, he is fine now!

And Celestine had a lovely birthday party. And she is looking forward to seeing both Matilda and White Rabbit again soon!

Saturday, 20 September 2014

a book, a star necklace and some tiny things

Hello! It's been a little while. I've suddenly become obsessed with creating a book for all of my Celestine images and it has been taking up all my time lately. It's taking me AGES to do because I'm designing every page carefully so it looks really nice (hopefully!). I'm still only up to February 2013 though... it's gonna take a while to finish! 

Here are a few shots from that fairy scene I was working on the other week. I made a tiny teapot, some tiny cakes and a tiny ladybird from clay.

Also a shot of my ring because I just love it and I think it looks magical with all the stars and mushrooms.

A few weeks ago Celestine made some cards for people. She's very useful like that, when I am too busy to make them myself. She started by making a birthday one for my friend Nicola with coloured sequin balloons on the front and that inspired her to make more. Nicola got a tiny typewritten note from Celestine too. It takes quite a lot of effort for Celestine to type on the computer. She is so small she has to jump around the keyboard. 

Then our friends Bruno and Craig got engaged so Celestine made them an engagement card with tiny cut out stars on the front.

And then she made a few more just for fun. Not quite sure why there's a Christmas one there yet... think she just wanted to use lots of sequins. I like the halloween pumpkin man one. 

Also, I found a photo of a close up of my wedding necklace while I was in the process of making it. I did say I was going to post a better picture of it. I love it. I hope I get to wear it again someday- though not for getting married again of course!!

...and the bridesmaid shoes. I glittered up all the heels myself in their dress colours.

And now here are just a few (I have done tons though!) spreads of the Celestine book I have been making. It's been nice to go right back to the beginning and re visit some of the old images of her. I am glad I have started making a book because it will be nice to have them all printed out. It would be a shame if all the pictures just ended up digitally on my computer hard drive years down the line. I put a lot of effort into taking all my Celestine pictures so I think it would be a waste not to do something with them. It will be on-going though because of course I am not going to stop taking pictures of Celestine! I think I might have to make more than one book...

Anyway, I need to give the Celestine book a break now as I'm neglecting other things. I have a growing list of stuff I need to be getting on with. But I am HOPING to get it done by Christmas. We will see...

I said a few posts back that I was going to record on my blog the books I have read each month in an effort to read more. Well it's been more than a month but here are all the books I have read/listened to since I wrote that post.  I am enjoying getting into the habit of listening to things while I work rather than watching trashy tv. It feels much more fulfilling. I might review some of the books I read if I particularly enjoy them... some time. 

Well I suppose I had better got on now. It is the foggiest day here today. Foggy and rainy and grey. I kind of wanted to go to Miniatura in Birmingham today but didn't make up my mind until too late last night and ran out of time to buy a ticket. At least I will save some money! Ha.  Maybe I will go in March...

Oh and also also! I want to mention I finally made it back to a life drawing class. And it was so good. It felt so good to be back life drawing again. There's always a special sort of atmosphere in a life drawing class and it makes me feel like I'm being incredibly fine-arty. And I love the smell and sound of the charcoal scratching across the paper. And also I saw my old art teacher from school who was there too and we had a catch up. I am definitely planning to make life drawing a regular thing- it's so important, to practice figure drawing. 

Off I go then... bye for now! x