Saturday, 30 May 2015


Celestine loves to preen at her dressing table.

She also LOVES the color gold. It is her favourite. I spotted this gold glittery Dior ribbon in the ribbon box at craft club the other day. It screamed 'Celestine!' so I took it and will make her something suitably fashionable out of it when I have time. 

Also, these gold boots. ♥ Celestine was very jealous when I bought these. She wants me to make her an exact replica in miniature. I said I would try but I'm not quite sure how to make the stilletto heel...

Gold boots for Celestine. My next project after all my other projects!

Have a happy weekend! x

Friday, 22 May 2015

Flowers for Celestine

I mentioned before that my mums friend gave me a pack of Liberty print patchwork squares to make clothes for Celestine with. Well, here are the clothes I have made. Celestine is definitely going flowery this summer. 

Here she is standing on the front garden path, ready to model two of the dresses. She demanded an ice cream as payment. This was an outtake actually as her antennae are cut off but I like it anyway.

This dress I call her garden party/wedding guest outfit. I made her some pale pink tights and white boots to go with it.

When you're that tiny, even the smallest patch of flowers can seem like a fairy garden.

And that one above, I don't know what I call it but I like it and it goes perfectly with her purple necklace. She was trying out Victoria Stitch's shimmer pearls. Victoria Stitch came to visit last weekend and left all her make up behind. All over Celestine's dressing table too! She is very inconsiderate like that. 

Celestine is keeping it safe for next time Victoria Stitch visits. She has cleared it off her dressing table though. It's a bit gothic for her taste. 

It's so cute though!

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

The Little Girl And The Tiny Doll

I was just browsing Pinterest the other day and came across a book called The Little Girl And The Tiny Doll. It was so pleasing to me because it was a story I read and loved as a child but up until now had forgotten about. Well, almost forgotton. Every now and then I would vaguely remember a story I had read about a tiny doll who lived in the freezer of a grocery store among the frozen peas and wished I could remember what it had been called.

And now I know! It's by Edward Ardizzone and Angela Ardizzone

If you read this blog or know me you will understand why this story appeals to me so much. And it's such a sweet story I wanted to post a few images from it. They aren't in any order by the way. I just picked the images I liked best.

(I took these images from this blog HERE because the ones in my version of the book are just in black and white. There's a lot more images of the book over there too.)

It's about an unwanted doll who gets thrown into the freezer in a shop. A nice girl comes along and feels sorry for the doll and makes her tiny parcels of clothes and a matchbox bed. 

Talking of books I got the first couple of copies of my next Witch's Cat books in the post the other day. It was exciting to see them. It's not out for another month or so but you can preorder it if you wish HERE! Or from most other places that sell books...

 As you might have noticed (or not!) I have changed my blog header in anticipation.