Friday, 26 June 2015

Happy Halloween Witch's Cat Cover!

Last year I showed you the process I went through to create the cover for I Am a Witch's Cat. This year I am going to show you the process behind Happy Halloween Witch's Cat. (Out in the US 21st July by the way! And now going to be out in the UK as well 27th August!!!)

It all started with some VERY rough sketches.

This didn't quite cut it but did get used for the back cover in the end!

The one on the top left (below) was the chosen one:
Then I did a slightly more detailed sketch but still pretty rough

And then I decided to mock it up in 3d to check it was all going to work and fit in the frame:

It did, so I moved onto colour. 

This one is actually my favourite one. Personally I really like the darkness and the lighting in it, I think it looks cosy and I like more dramatic lighting. However I think the colours were too similar to the first book, or maybe the sky was too plain, I can't remember, but I was asked to do a different more evening-y sky rather than night time to make it look very different from the first book and also brighter.

I went a bit overboard to be honest, trying to make it different and ended up with this bright garish sunset sky. Which unsurprisingly did not make the final cover! Also you'll notice I was asked to put a witch's hat on the mum character.

So then I toned it down a bit. Made a less dramatic sky with a smaller setting sun, but this one looked like Witch's Cat had a halo and it still didn't quite have that punch. 

Here's what the whole set looked like zoomed out:

And a detail:

So THEN it was decided that maybe a big round moon would look good but in a different colour to the one on the first book which was white. This one was to be a big yellow moon. This is what the set looked like with the lighting switched off (Lighting adds so much!). I put a bright yellow sheet of paper behind the moon so that when the lamp behind it was turned on it shone a nice yellow colour.

 Here's what it looked like once the lights were turned on. I have to admit I really loved having the light shining through the front door and out of the hallway but I was asked to not light that bit up so as not to distract from the main character in the front and also to remove the mum character from the doorway. I was actually a bit sad to not have the hallway all lit up but oh well. It made sense why not. 

 And so there we have it. The final image for Happy Halloween Witch's Cat!

Sunday, 21 June 2015


Sometimes Celestine likes to work alongside me in my studio, creating her jewellery designs. She does love her jewels!

I want to update because it's long overdue. However, I don't actually really have anything to show! The reason for that is that I have been working working working hard on books that I can't say anything about yet. I am dying to post all the stuff I've been doing on my blog right now. But I can't!! Yet. One day.  Hopefully soon. I will say though that I am absolutely LOVING the projects I am working on now. So so much. I am so excited about them and cannot wait to show them to the world.

So, apart from work... well to be honest I haven't been doing much else. But here are a few things. 

Today was Henry and mine first wedding anniversary. I wasn't going to post about it because I didn't think it was that big of a deal but it seems the first anniversary is! Because we've been sent cards and presents in the post from people. So unexpected. But really touching and nice.  I wouldn't have thought anyone would care about our first wedding anniversary but us. We got flowers sent to us by one of my best friends in the bridesmaid dress colours which was so sweet! And a framed piece of artwork from Henry's mum (which I haven't had a chance to photograph) but we LOVE it and are going to put it on our wall. We also got a magic roundabout print from my parents and a chocolate cake from my grandparents. 

Today we cycled about 17 miles which was fun in the sunshine. We are still just loving the place that we moved to so much. I know I harp on about it all the time but we are countryside people and we are just so happy to be living in the countryside.

Now that the weather is warmer and lighter we have been going for evening cycles and walks a lot more. 

We are still just in awe that we have this beautiful countryside on our doorstep. 

Another thing I wanted to mention that was a while ago now but so amazing - Kensington Dollshouse Festival!!! Oh my goodness it was AMAZING. I was bowled over by it. I've been to many miniatures fairs int he past and I always thought Miniature in Birmingham was the big one but Kensington Dollshouse Festival was a cut above the rest. The quality of everything there was incredible. They even had tiny tiny to-scale clothes pegs with real springs! So they actually worked. They were MINISCULE! And there were beautiful, tiny pop up books and stunning miniature perfume bottles that you could put real perfume in and the most detailed, incredible glass ornaments and tiny designer leather bags and just... everything. I was absolutely floored. Below is a tiny tortoise I bought because it was just so cute. I can't show you the rest of the stuff I got yet because it is for Celestine for Christmas. And, well, I don't want to risk her seeing it before hand! I know, that's kind of weird and premature but I just really enjoy collecting up tiny little things over the year for Christmas.

Oh and also, there's Celestine wearing her pearl necklace on a Sunday. Sorry for the bad quality pics, they're just ones from Henry's phone.

aaand that's about it really. I am really dredging the barrel now... haha.

I guess I should get back to work...

Have a great week! xxx

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Studio Tour and Interview

I did an interview and studio tour over on Andrea Skyberg's blog earlier this week. Link HERE.