Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Celestine goes camping!

Over the summer we went on a camping trip with some friends down in Cornwall. I hadn't been camping for years and years so was a little nervous about how I was going to cope (haha, I don't pack light) but I really reeeeally wanted to go to Cornwall and it was the only way we could afford to go. 

...and I am so glad we went! Firstly because I now know I can still do camping and secondly because it was worth putting up with the discomforts of camping to be in my favourite place in the whole world. Also I think I captured one of my best Celestine photo sets ever.

Celestine was very excited that we were going camping. The first thing she did was order a new wardrobe of clothes to be made that would colour coordinate with her tent. Isn't she vain!

I have to admit, she did have a much better set up than us. She even brought a washing line - now that's forward planning! I'll let you into a secret though, those clothes aren't actually wet. Celestine is just very proud of her dresses and likes to display them so that people can walk by and admire her impeccable fashion taste. Sneaky I know.

Here's the whole campsite from up on the hill. You can see the sea in the background! It's just a short walk away from the campsite. It's a pretty basic campsite (as in very basic facilities) but it you like that back-to-nature kind of thing then it's perfect. 

This was our tent. It was the most basic tent on the campsite! We borrowed it from a friend - thank you Adam, and it worked fine for what we needed it for.  But everyone else on the campsite, well, they had all sorts of fancy things. Fairylights, fire pits, flags, proper little kitchen set ups... one person even had a fake brick wall set up outside their tent! We don't usually go camping so we didn't have any of the gear. 

The first evening was so nice and sunny. We went and ate our dinner on the beach.

Then we snuggled down in our tent to go to sleep. Not very comfortably because Henry's air bed had a puncture and deflated as soon as he lay on it! We bought another one the next day.

Celestine was comfortable though at least...

One evening we had a campfire on the beach and had a bbq down there.

Celestine had her own fire of course. She made tiny s'mores.

We had s'mores too. Sort of. I know they are not the proper American ones but we did our best!

I love love love this place! 

Celestine adores the beach. One of her favourite things to do is to row her little boat around the rockpools and lagoons. She had a new boat to use this summer. I painted it red for her.

Other things we did in Cornwall were: eat cream teas and pasties. Surfing! Well, bodyboarding... I wish I could have done more bodyboarding while I was there. We went to Newquay and Padstow and Truro as well. 

Celestine had her own mini pasty:

Cream tea:

Unfortunately the holiday was cut short by one day because we got absolutely rained out of the tent. We woke up in puddles of water and the tent was soaked through. There was no way we could stay the last night because everything was so wet. We just had to pack up and leave straight away in the morning. And then it rained and rained all the way home. I guess that's the downside of camping!

Still, it was worth it for all the other nice days we had there. 

I can't wait to go back again! (not camping next time though haha)

p.s. Here is Celestine's new boat before I painted it. I bought it back in April at a miniatures fair in Newark. It's made by Homestead Dollshouse Miniatures. I varnished it and painted it so that it could go in the water. Also next to it is a miniature dragon which Celestine bought in Padstow because there's a bear shop there which sells miniature animals. It's made by Deb Canham.

and one more of Celestine boating in the lagoon. I loved that lagoon so so much! I love how smooth and glassy the water looks.

So that was our camping trip!