Friday, 29 January 2016

.✮*¨*•★•*¨*✮ ISADORA MOON ✮*¨*•☆•*¨*•.

I noticed yesterday (because I have been checking regularly haha) that my Isadora Moon books are now on Amazon! Which means... I can finally talk about them!

I am so so so so so (there are not enough so's!) excited about these books because they are a real passion project of mine.

I just love Isadora Moon so much!

She is a little Vampire Fairy and I can't wait for you too meet her properly. All four books will be out in September this year, published by Oxford University Press. 

I am especially pleased because the covers are going to have glitter on them! I receievd a proof of one of them in the post the other day and it is so sparkly. I love it so much. You can't see the glitter that well in this picture but it is most definitely there. It's on the title and the stars and her dress and tights.

I'm sure I will be posting lots more about Isadora Moon in the coming months but for now I just wanted to let you know... she exists!

Thursday, 21 January 2016

Tiny Jewels

For traditions sake here is what Celestine got for Christmas:

From left to right: ★ Some absolutely beautiful and tiny glass perfume bottles that have real stoppers so you can put real perfume in them! ★ a copy of my Butler and Wilson tiara and necklace made in miniature by Nalladris ★ A purple dragon to add to her collection. She likes dragons! ★ A teeny tiny tortiose ★ a pink bucket and spade set for when she wants to coordinate on the beach ★ two books, two crowns, a jar of beads and flowers for her jewellery making, a gold cake stand, a scooter and an easel.

The cake stand, scooter and easel were from Henry and were wrapped up in gold paper and appeared in the castle on Christmas morning.

I didn't really take any photos of Celestine this Christmas. I had loads of work to do all the way up until the week before Christmas and then I just sort of took a bit of a break. I intended to take photos and things but just... didn't! Instead I ended up having an extremely relaxing time haha.

This is about the only shot of Celestine I took and it's not even a good one! But I shall put it here anyway so I have a record of Christmas morning. On the left side you can see the gold presents standing in the castle.

I think the tiny tiara and necklace set made by Nalladris is amazing, I only wish I could get a better photograph of it for you. It's extremely sparkly.

Here you can see my real-size necklace and tiara (which I never wear anymore but really should) next to the miniature one.

Can you tell which one is miniature? Well, you probably can (it's the left one!) but I still think it's an amazing copy! Nalladris is the most talented for miniature jewellery needs!

Link to the shop HERE.

In other news: I have a new Instagram account. For some reason Instagram deactivated my old one (grr) so I have had to start afresh. It's very annoying but never mind. UPDATE: My account got reactivated again so all is ok!

Link to my account HERE.

Other notable things that have happened lately: I got a spiralizer and I am LOVING it! Courgetti every day! Or twice a day sometimes. I made some chocolate goji berry bars which were delicious, I've been writing, giving a bit more attention to Victoria Stitch, I got a smart camera (!!! it's amazing) we made cauliflower crust pizza which was also delicious (it's all about the food this month) watched the Hobbit.... and I can't think of anything else.

I'll end with a picture of the beautiful hills in the snow the other day.

Hope you'e having a lovely January!