Friday, 15 October 2010


In December I'm going to be at a craft fair in Flitick selling, among other things, these fairies:

Here are a few of them.  Meet:

The Sugar Plum Fairy


Araminta the garden fairy


Snowflake the Christmas tree fairy

The Snow Queen

Cinder the little gothling fairy

I'm very excited and addicted to making them! They stand at about 5 inches tall and are totally handmade by yours truly! I will also be selling copies of my book 'Victoria Stitch', original water colour paintings and (hopefully) Christmas cards by my friend Sian

I will post details about the event nearer the time just in case any one who reads this lives nearby and might like to come along...

P.S. Also, soon I will start an etsy shop where all these things will be available too!


Anne said...

sounds exciting, and the fairies are lovely!!!

Lauren said...

These are fantastic! I would love to have one! Good luck at the craft fair. I'll be checking out your Etsy shop when it's available. :)

Anna Brinded said...

They're looking brilliant, well done Harriet!