Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Pumpkins and Dewdrops

So many things to post about!  Firstly what do you think of Celestine's new Halloween quilt? It's all purple and green, witchy colours.  Celestine likes it very much. I think it will stay around a bit longer than Halloween!  I kind of did it as a side project, sewing bits together whenever I had a spare bit of time.  It's nice to have something on the go that you can just pick up and don't have to think too hard about.  Here are all the pieces laid out below.  I find a great tip is to stick all the squares in the order you want them onto a sheet of paper with sticky back tape and then peel them off as you go... works well for me anyway!

And here's a little Halloween mobile I made too.  I found these great sequins for a pound in Wilkinsons.  I especially love the ghost and pumpkin shapes! They're so cute!

The mobile didn't take too long.  On Saturday we had friends round and had a crafting session just for fun. The idea was to make a full size Halloween mobile but mine ended up being miniature.... those sequins were just too perfect not to use!

On the subject of pumpkins, Henry and I have been growing our own ones this year in the garden.  They are finally picked and ready to use and last night we chopped the first one up and made it into soup!  They're surprisingly easy to chop- I always think they're going to be really tough. Here they are in all their glory:

We have lots of plans for these pumpkins.  Along with soup we also want to make pumpkin bread, pumpkin dip, pumpkin crisps, pumpkin ravioli and pumpkin praline cheesecake!  Not all for ourselves I might add! We are going to have a pumpkin themed dinner party for Halloween. Let's just hope the guests like pumpkin!

Here's Celestine sitting on her own little munchkin pumpkin. She sure does love that munchkin pumpkin! It's her new favourite place to sit and read.

All this talk of pumpkins reminds me that I saw some amazing pumpkin sprinkles (for cupcakes) in a shop last week. I didn't buy them but I did look at them for a long time! There were black bat shaped sprinkles too.  I've just never seen such a thing! Maybe I have been shopping in the wrong places all my life. 

Tonight I plan to make a pumpkin house and we are making the pumpkin ravioli to freeze for Saturday.  Yes, my life really is just one big pumpkin right now.

That's probably enough talk about pumpkins for the moment- oh wait just one more picture...


Ok new subject.  Here are some photos I took this morning whilst out walking the dog. It was such a misty morning. I loved looking at the dew drops hanging off everything. 

That's Celestine in the second picture by the way just in case you can't tell what she looks like from behind.  She's wearing her black pointy hooded cloak, walking into the mist.  I'll take more photos of her in her cloak soon...

I love all the beautiful and intricate photos you can take in this kind of weather though I'm kind of hoping it gets a bit sunnier again soon. Sunshine makes me feel happy.

What have you been up to? Are you going to carve any pumpkins this year?


Liz Wong said...

I love her little quilt. And those photos of dewdrops are spectacular!

Manon said...

Wow wow! i want her quilt.

Plushpussycat said...

What a fun post! You've really got me in the Halloween mood now. I've got some mini Halloween stuff going on that I hope to show on my blog soon (before the holiday is over!). xo Jennifer

Olga Wassupbrothers said...

What a lucky girl! She have this wonderful pumpkin dress) and i love her new Halloween quilt. Great colors!
Delightful photography, as usial!

A.Spencer said...

As always, your work with Celestine is just darling! Happy Halloween!

Stephanie said...

Great post! Love the dew shots, the quilt and of course Celestine.

Anonymous said...

Lovely post Harriet,there can never be too much pumkin as far as I'm concerned :) LOVE Celestines new quilt,gorgeous colours and her cloak.
the dewdrops photography is amazing.Saturday I woke up and had to make a witchy hat for Ted after seeing Celestines,A new Halloween /Ted post coming soon...
Looking forward to seeing Your carved pumpkin,I'm sure its going to be a masterpiece :)
Have a lovely day,take care,Xxxxx

millefeuilles said...

I'm trying to contain my excitement here. What an ace post! So much inspiration. Celestine is brilliant - I have a thing about detail - and your photographs are possibly the most beautiful I have seen a long, long time. You have just reminded me in a matter of minutes what I adore most about this season. Thank you so much. My father's birthday was on monday and I am in charge of the decorations for his upcoming party. You have completely inspired me.


ps Pumpkins? From early september I am making soup. My children love it. It's really good with chestnuts, or bacon and swiss cheese. Yum.

Erin K said...

Woowww...I just love her adorable little quilt! I'm always blown away with the tiny scale you work in. And what delightful photo's too. ^_^

Rachel said...

That Halloween quilt is gorgeous, Celestine is a very lucky young lady. :-)

You've made me quite hungry with all that talk of pumpkin food.

I'm quite a new follower to your blog, it's great! :-)

♏αяᴄ נυηℊ ℃♄αηℯł℮тт℮ said...

Very pretty and classy, love the look :)
I follow you now!
Follow me back on facebook ,twitter,and GFC
love you dear :)


Vicky Lovejoy said...

Oh wow I love your blog!! Celestine is amazing and I love all the wonderful things you make for her, what a lucky doll she is to have such a fantastic mom :)
I'm going to really enjoy following your wonderful blog and looking at you fun photos!!
Amazing pumpkins by the way!!
Hugs Vicky ♥ ♥

Tammie Lee said...

looks like you have been up to all sorts of fun! yummy fun, cute fun, artsy fun, you are one creative gal!!