Monday, 28 July 2014

Princess Ballroom!

Last week I made a ballroom for the princess books.  It ended up being the biggest room set I have ever made! I thought it ought to be big though as it was a royal ballroom.

It was requested that the floor should be wooden which was something I had to think about how to make- because the floor was so big . In the end I found some very thin sheets of wood, cut them into individual miniature planks and stuck them down one by one. It didn't take as long as I thought it would and I was really pleased with the effect so that was all good!

Here's a close up of the floor:

It was also suggested that a grand piano could be included in the ballroom. I was very taken with that idea so went right ahead and created a gold glittery piano fit for a princess.

Here's how the whole ballroom looked. The pillars and panels were another challenge- something I had not tried before. I was pleased with how they came out though. I also used a string of fairy lights poked through the walls to create lighting round the edge of the room.

Again the flowers were another little challenge. I bought some cheap ones and then spent quite a while painting them (with Henry's help!) different shades of purple and then glittering them up.

I took a few shots without daylight to show how the lights on the walls light up. I think it looks more atmospheric this way. 

Here come some princesses!

 I especially like their glittery skirts:

I am looking forward to seeing how all this will look once it's photographed professionally and put into one of the books!


Stephanie said...

You are so creative and clever with your work and art. Looking forward to some more of it.

Anne said...

as always stunning detail...I dont know how you do it!!!

Anne Marie Dunn said...

This is such beautiful work! I admired your patience and skill so much. When will the Princess series of books be out.
In Philip's words, "it is extraordinary!"

Jane Chérie said...

Wow. That princess ballroom looks amazing. I love the wood floor you have created. I have been wanting to create such a floor for a long time now but never had the courage to tackle such a long task. You made it look perfect! Love the glittery piano and dresses!

Victoria Stitch said...

i think they are out at the end of the year/beginning of next year!

Plushpussycat said...

Gorgeous work, Harriet! The wood floor looks fantastic--I should try making one sometime. Can't wait to see these books when they come out! xo Jennifer

Sarah said...

Love it! The 2d and 3d works brilliantly together. Also, I want a gold sparkly piano now! :D

Sarah :)